Black Friday starts early for shoppers

People wait an entire year for the morning they can wake up to stand in a line, break through a crowd of bargain hunters and attempt to get the most bang for their buck.

From Best Buy to Target, shoppers pile their carts high with discounted items that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

“I wasn’t even planning on going shopping on Black Friday until I saw Target’s advertisement,” Annie Westbury (12) said. “I saw a lot of things like movies and clothes that were so cheap. I couldn’t resist.”

Electronics at many stores that usually are extremely expensive were reduced remarkably, making them a must-have.

“I went to get a new laptop,” Riley Sweeny (10) said. “I noticed that the majority of the line waiting outside of Wal-Mart booked it straight to the electronics section of the store, probably to get the ridiculously-cheap items.”

This year was set apart from others in a very drastic way: time. Stores that have typically opened at four or five in the morning opened at midnight this year, either making or breaking shoppers’ plans.

In order to get a decent spot in line at any store, customers generally went out three hours prior to the store’s opening.

“Best Buy opened at midnight and I got there around nine,” Baleigh Proffer (12) said. “The line had already reached around to the parking lot so I can’t imagine how early some of the first people in line got there.”

Other shoppers decided the bargains weren’t worth leaving Thanksgiving dinner.

“I went Black Friday shopping last year but decided not to go this year because of how early the stores were opening,” Olivia Dames (11) said. “It sounds a little strange, but going shopping at four in the morning is more convenient because then I don’t have to sacrifice any time with my family.”

The chaos that surrounded the once-a-year event affected not only frugal consumers, but also student employees who had to work the late night shifts.

“I started working at Kohl’s not even a week before Black Friday,” Abbey Waddell (12) said. “When I found out I was working Black Friday, I was super nervous. I didn’t want to have to deal with crazy shoppers.”

From shopping carts to checkout lines, Black Friday was packed with excitement and bargains.