S.T.A.R. Assembly on Alcohol

Supporting Teenagers At Risk (S.T.A.R.) is sponsoring an assembly during fifth and sixth hour in the small theater, Dec. 7.
Mr. Michael Weiland, Crossroads Program director, will be speaking. Crossroads Program is a facility that helps people struggling with substance abuse.
“He’s going to come in and tell his story about how he was involved in alcohol abuse from an early age, starting in middle school all the way through later in life,” Dr. Johnathon White, junior class principal, said. “And then how he became sober.”
While the topic is a serious one, Dr. White emphasized Mr. Weiland’s great sense of humor.
This assembly is not just for students who may have struggles with alcohol; anyone who attends will learn a lot.

Alcohol abuse touches everyone’s lives whether directly or indirectly.
If interested in attending, grade level secretaries have passes that need to be signed by both fifth and sixth hour teachers.