Construction Confusion

Walking into the school, students can notice a new section of classrooms and a welcome center, along with many new additions to the outside of the school.

The construction wasn’t supposed to take so long to get finished though.

“We anticipated it to be done on the first of October,” Deborah Asher, head principal, said. “The main parts have gotten finished its just the smaller sections that require so much detail that are taking longer, and the school has no control over that”.

The students seemed to be noticing the problems with the construction as well.

“I remember in the beginning of the year when we first saw the construction, and then four months later it’s still going on,” Chase Ruhl (12) said.

Not just the students were upset with how the work was moving along.

“We weren’t exactly happy with how long it took, but what can you really do?” Steve Smith, project manager for Glenn Construction, said. ” It was a rainy fall which added to the problem because you cant let cement dry when its raining, and then the workers went on a 50 day strike which didnt speed things up either.”

The new construction included a new parking lot, the addition of an overhang and a new wing to the front of the school, the welcome center and a new concession stand near the front field.

“I think the entrance looks really awesome now that it’s finally getting finished,” Ruhl said.

The aesthetic appeal of the building was important but functionality was the top priority.

“The new classrooms were of course the most important part of the construction so we wanted to get them done first, and they were done for the beginning of school,” Steve said.

From the weather to the workers, this process has taken a long period of time, but the end is here.

“As of Monday December fifth all construction should be completed; only the cleanup should be left.” Asher said.