Gibby’s opens up restaurant competition in Eureka

A new restaurant has opened in Eureka, gathering much attention for being one of the newest attractions.

Gibby’s restaurant not only provides food for customers, but also allows job possibilities for many of Eureka’s students.

“I applied once I first heard about it,” Michelle Pulliam (12) said. “Most of my friends were hired immediately after applying and since it’s so close to my house I thought it would be great.”

Although this grand opening is exciting, it also poses problems for other local businesses.

“I’ve worked at Poor Richard’s for a while and as soon as we found out about Gibby’s opening up right next door there was immediate competition,” Madde Borg (12) said. “Our managers quickly improved things in our restaurant and did things to make sure we wouldn’t allow Gibby’s to take any of our business.”

Poor Richard’s has had the comfortable position of being the only sports bar on Fifth Street; however, with this new restaurant, problems are surfacing because this new competition might leave one restaurant out of business.

“I know that there was a big debate about whether or not two sports bars could exist in the same center,” Borg said. “I don’t know what has happened with that but it’s definitely hard having the only two sports bars in Eureka being right next to each other.”

Gibby’s opened, welcoming not only many customers but job applicants, Jan 19.

“We went to the grand opening for friends and family,” Ellie Garabedian (12) said. “I think it will do really well with business from our school because we know so many people working there.”

Although the two restaurants are very similar, Gibby’s has the distinguishing feature of offering pizza and delivery.

“I thought the Gibby’s menu was fairly different from Poor Richards’ menu,” Garabedian said. “The best thing about their menu though is that we can get it delivered which is great for when we don’t want to go out but we don’t want to order pizza.”

Overall business has remained steady for Poor Richard’s while Gibby’s continues to attract many new customers. Only time will tell whether or not both can survive as thriving sports bars in Eureka.