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StuCo elections leap into the digital age

Spirit Week, Powder Puff, the Homecoming Dance, the canned food drive, Kindness Week, Mr. EHS,  Turnabout, teacher appreciation, Blood Drive. Without StuCo, these events that define EHS would not be possible.

The officers are an important part of StuCo’s work, and candidates for next year’s offices are preparing for the upcoming elections.

StuCo election speeches are taking on a whole new approach this spring.

Instead of holding three different assemblies throughout the day, StuCo will be broadcasting speeches throughout the school on the video system during seventh hour, March 7.

By switching to video, StuCo advisers hope to eliminate the disruption of an assembly to the school day.

“We’re always looking for new and better ways to do things,” Mr. Andy Gensler, StuCo adviser, said. “This will be our first attempt at it and hopefully, it does reach its goal of reducing the amount of time people are out of class and the disruption to the day.”

The candidates have mixed feelings about the change from speaking live to speaking in front of a camera.

“I think either way it’s going to be good,” Kaily Gustafson, historian candidate,  said. “I do like the feeling of being in front of an audience because you can get the audience’s reaction.”

One candidate running for the position of executive secretary doesn’t like the idea of not being able to speak directly to the viewers.

“I completely understand why they did it, but it doesn’t represent the candidates as well, just to be watched on tape,” Morgan Fryman, secretary candidate,said.

Each candidate’s speech typically focuses on their own personal strengths and leadership abilities. They are encouraged to concentrate on why they would be the best candidate for that particular position. They also talk about what they have already done for the student body and what they hope to do if they are elected, according to Mr. Gensler.

  • The president is the overall leader of the student body. Kylie Ruprecht is the only candidate running for president.
  • The vice president is a support figure for the president, and the president may delegate certain tasks to him or her. Alicia Kilpatrick and Nathan Vorel are both candidates for this position.
  • StuCo’s secretary keeps track of the points for every member in StuCo. Morgan Fryman and Joshua Ocuaman are running for this position.
  • The treasurer is in charge of StuCo’s inflow and outflow of money. Austin Neumann is the only contender for this position.
  • The last position open is the historian who documents the year to keep Student Council members motivated by showing them what they have accomplished. Kaily Gustafson is running for the office of historian.

StuCo members hope the video broadcast will raise awareness about the upcoming elections, taking place during lunch, March 8. Most students are not aware yet of who is running for office, but they are planning on voting in the elections.

“If we didn’t have student leadership, then how would our points, how would the observations or suggestions made by students be accurately portrayed to the administration?” Emily Nikirk (10) said.

StuCo members are proud to be a part of the organization responsible for school leadership. Parker Levy, exective treasurer, is in charge of all of StuCo’s income and output of money. He likes the responsibility of the job. This year alone StuCo has raised $10,000 for charity, according to Mr. Gensler.

Levy says being a part of Student Council has definitely changed his high school experience for the better.

“It makes my senior year that much more memorable because after I leave I know that I will have done something for the school,” he said.

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