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Fleeting happiness

Something as simple as a desk can make such a difference.

In Ms. Becky Stevenson’s ninth grade language arts class, new brightly colored desks were tested because the furniture company the school uses wanted to try them out from Feb. 7 to March 5.

These desks spin a full three hundred and sixty degrees around, so that if the teacher would like to walk around while she teaches, the students can spin their desks every which way to follow and see what the teacher is explaining.

“The company wanted a class to try them, and science didn’t like them so we got the desks and love them,” Ms. Becky Stevenson Language Arts teacher said.

Every single one of the students would smile as they were able to rotate a full 360 degrees to face another student when asked to work in groups.

“I love the desks because it allows us to interact with each other easier,” Jessica Poore (9).

The environment was that of a more light hearted feeling throughout the class because the students were lauging as well as really paying attention to the content they were learning.

“They are more comfortable than the old ones,” Jen Marry (9).

Students are able to lounge in a desk and actually feel comfortable while they are learning.

Every student seemed to be using the desks to their full advantage. They were spinning in the direction to face the teacher even if she was in the back of the room.

Also, the desks have a small under carriage that is easy to use and big enough to store a student’s belongings as well as back pack until the end of their class period.

“They are easier to get in and out of, too,” Rachel Jung (9).

The older desks that were in the classes were very square and simple with no flexibility or personal customization.

“The desks are better for group work and we can interact easier,” Drew Giorgio (9).

When asked to work in groups, the students were able to just swivel their desks to turn around to interact with their fellow students.

“I also like the desks because they are modern looking,” Jess Smelcer (9).

The desks are navy blue and lime green, giving off a more modern feel than the old sunburned colored desks.

Mrs. Stevenson also wanted to have the desks in her class.

“They are very conducive to cooperative work,” Ms. Stevenson said. “They are student friendly, comfortable and practical; it allows students to customize how they sit.”

The desks were only used as a short period of time because the furniture company wanted to test them out in the school, and unfortunately EHS was not able to keep them.

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