Opinions: A Paige from her book: What is she wearing?!?!

Now that the weather is warming up, dress code is a common conversation piece in the hallways.

The administration reminded us after one of the first hot days that EHS was not the Jersey Shore. Then there was that fateful day when a hundred people got written up for hallpass and dress code violations as a warning.

Recently, the Bugle Broadcast covered a story on dress code. Kelly FaQuin (11) mentioned how she doesn’t know what the exact dress code is.

This is the real issue with the dress code.

The dress code for the district says that disruptive clothes will not be tolerated. Which begs the bigger questions as to what the heck classifies something as “disruptive.”

If I am wearing a thick-strapped tank top I do not see how my bare shoulders create a distracting learning environment for anybody. The shoulder is considered one of the most impersonal parts of the body by science because there are less neurons and sensation in that part of the body. This is why when someone wants your attention they tap your shoulder. Touching the shoulder doesn’t invade someone’s privacy.

But nobody even knows if wearing thick-strapped tank tops is against the dress code. The administration cannot expect students to obey the dress code when students are not properly informed of the expectations.

If the dress code is going to start being enforced, the school needs to send a detailed memo to every student informing them of expectations and rules.

One of the most debated topics at school lately is the school banning yoga pants. The administration at this time has not made this a policy.

If the school bans yoga pants in the future because they are too tight, they must also ban leggings because they are tight, as well. Not to mention skinny jeans, running pants, Soffe shorts and the list goes on. Kiss your wardrobes goodbye ladies, soon we could be stuck in baggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirts every day.

It’s a slippery slope and the administration knows it. So they have formed a faculty committee that is meeting with various student groups to discuss several issues. Clearly our opinions matter to the administration. But ultimately the decision is in the hands of the adults.