Opinions: Sanden says: Living in the Moment

Opinions: Sanden says: Living in the Moment
As my time in high school dwindles, I’ve come to realize the importance of cherishing every moment for what it’s worth.
The first week of school has lost its luster.  Like an old penny, it simply doesn’t shine like it did at first. I used to anticipate it for the last week of summer, anxiously planning out outfits and picking the perfect color notebook and folder for each class. 
Now, I try to pretend summer isn’t about to come to an end. 
However, the last day of summer this year proved somewhat bittersweet.  I didn’t want to believe this was the last summer of my childhood, my last summer of high school and my last summer where everything dear to me was in the small town of Eureka, Missouri. 
While I am ready to explore beyond the boundaries of Eureka, I don’t want to wish away my senior year.  In fact, I want to enjoy it for all its worth.  Every moment, every memory and every smile will be documented somewhere for me.  I don’t want to forget.
Keeping a penny shiny is nearly impossible, and keeping school exciting and new is just as difficult. But with polishing and careful attention, a penny from 30 years ago can still possess that copper glow.
I have spent most of high school dreading the first day—or really every day—because, like most high school students, I didn’t want to spend my day learning.  Efforts to keep the days sparkling were hard.
However, I have come to realize that those moments have shaped me into who I am today. The hours of math homework increased my patience, seemingly endless running during basketball practice taught me dedication, and long nights in the newsroom developed my work ethic.  All my polishing has paid off.
Granted, my most memorable moments aren’t from the school day; still, what happened there brought me to some of my closest friends.  Because I knew so many people, football games were more fun with all my classmates cheering with me. 
As my last year of high school starts, I am striving to make it my best.  I want to enjoy every moment, knowing that I only have so much time left to appreciate the blessings I have.  I want to walk in the door like I did every day of elementary school: excited for something and ready to start the day. 
While the first week of school may not shine like a new penny anymore, I intend to spend this year making sure that these moments will never be forgotten.