Opinions: A Paige from her book: Lackluster late-start days

Late start days are like a trophy. At first, recieving a trophy is exciting. Shiny and new, the trophy seems flawless and perfect. But once looked at closely, that award becomes ordinary, and its flaws begin to appear. The shine starts to fade, and the beholder begins to see the trophy for what it truly is, much like late-start days.

An extra 24 minutes of sleep seemed like a prize, but those extra minutes come with some serious ramifications.

Unlike early-dismissal days where we have 2.5 hours off, late-start days mena we arrive 24 minutes late.

If students think of late-start days like half days, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong. We should still be thankful for the extra time to sleep in but should not overestimate just how much later we are getting to class.

The bus schedule is still the same even on late-start days, meaning that those who do not drive to school will have to come to school at the same time. There is absolutely nothing the district could do about this problem because the buses need to run on the same schedule for the middle and elementary schools, according to Mr. Dan Thoman, senior class principal.

Although nice that we will have extra time before having to go to class, those few extra minutes could grow boring.

When we grow bored, problems arise.

I have witnessed only one fight while in high school, and it took place in the Commons before school. Since students do not have anywhere to be and are all in one place, fights and other issues could easily occur. Now with even more downtime, supervision will have to be increased in the Commons on those mornings.

We also were informed during our class meetings that a few late start days will be used to hold important events. For example, on the first late start this year the seniors took the senior class panoramic. In years past, these kinds of activates would be done during class.

Late-start days now give the school the opportunity to have students miss less class by taking care of such activities during late-start days. Students are under the impression that they get more time off because of late start days, when really things they used to miss class for are just being held in the mornings during late-start days.

I am grateful for any opportunity to sleep in, but students should not overestimate just how great these late start days are. I’m going to enjoy the trophy of late-start days, and keep it at a distance on my shelf so I can’t see it tarnish.