A home away from home

A home away from home

Mrs. Janie Pickett, head lbrarian, helps Joshua Landgraf (10) check out a book, Sept. 5.

New head librarian, Janie Pickett, wants students to feel at home in their library.

Mrs. Janie Pickett, the new head librarian, is like the neighbor who always seems to greet every passerby with cookies and a smile.  She has been a librarian for 25 years in Texas and most recently moved from San Antonio. Her southern accent and welcoming personality bring a homey feel to the library.

“We want to emphasize that students are welcome, not just to check out a book, but to come and just talk with friends,” Mrs. Pickett said. “We’d like it to be a place where students come when they have free time.”

Mrs. Pickett hopes a new library policy allowing students to bring in food and drink will increase the number of students using the library.

“We try to discourage tailgating or barbequing in the library,” Mrs. Pickett said. “But lunches and drinks are just fine.”

Eating lunch in the library provides a calm environment to escape from the chaos of the lunch room.

“Whenever I forget to do my homework I come to the library to get it done during lunch,” Brett Geisz (10) said.

In addition to allowing food and drink in the library there will also be snacks in the hall outside of the library for students every Friday morning, encouraging students to visit more often.

The library has plenty of comfy chairs and tables.

“I come to the library about three times a week,” Eric Kaiman (12) said, “It’s a good quiet place you can study.”

Along with studying students also find the library as a good place to do research and use the computer.

“I come almost every day to do college research because the computers are pretty fast and it’s quiet,” Aja’ Jackson (11) said.

The library is a great place for students to come and work, and Mrs. Pickett a welcome addition to the neighborhood.