Senora Lackey teaches above and beyond

Senora Lackey proves hard work pays off, receives a state distinguished award.

Each year the Foreign Language Association of Missouri names one teacher out of the entire state as Missouri Distinguished Foreign Language Teacher of the Year. This year they selected one of EHS’s own Spanish teachers: Mrs. Kim Lackey.

“Mrs. Lackey deserves the award,” Austin Jansthma (12) said. “She’s the reason I’m in Spanish III right now. I like the way she includes everybody as we learn Spanish and how we use the world language lab a lot.”

Other students appreciate her general attitude towards teaching and Spanish.

“She’s always really happy, very cheerful and eager to help us. You don’t come across many teachers like that,” Kristen Wood (11) said. “It makes us more excited to come to class and makes us more comfortable. She also clearly knows a lot about the language.”

Senora Lackey’s students also appreciate her dedication to making sure they understand the material before quizzes and tests.

“She keeps the class interesting and is always in a really good mood,” Brady Cleary (10) said. “She makes sure all of her students understand the material. If you don’t understand you can get extra worksheets. She’s really fair on tests, homework and projects. If you’re not ready to take a quiz she’ll let you delay it a day.”

To receive the award, Mrs. Lackey was part of national process beginning at the state level.

“The process starts with each state figuring out their own method for selecting their Foreign Language teacher of the year,” Mrs. Lackey said. “After a recipient is chosen, that person goes to a regional conference. Our’s is the Central State Conference which is 17 central-continental states. At the conference, they announce the winner who then goes onto the American council for the final Teacher of the Year award.”

Before reaching the Central States Conference in March, Mrs. Lackey created a portfolio that represents herself and her teaching.

“I now have the real hard part to put together a portfolio,” Mrs. Lackey said. “It must contain teaching materials, student work, letters from administrators and my own personal statements about the importance of foreign languages. Then I’ll have an interview in Columbus, Ohio in March at the Central Conference.”

Along with her students, Mrs. Lackey’s colleagues have noticed her dedication.

“I have worked with Mrs. Lackey for the past 13 years since she came to EHS,” Mrs. Jenni Highfill, foreign language department chair, said. “I admire Mrs. Lackey’s attention to detail and how she truly thinks through every decision and the effects the decision will have on her students. Mrs. Lackey is constantly looking for ways to improve her teaching and student learning. I was so excited when I heard that she was receiving this award and am so proud to be her colleague.” 

Through support from her friends and co-workers and the hard work put in, Mrs. Lackey has gone above and beyond in teaching world languages.