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Opinions: A Paige from her book: New Year, new me

Ever since first grade, I remember laying in my bed the night before second semester not being able to fall alseep. I’ve always just been too excited to sleep the night before I go back to school because its one of my favorite school days, so I’ve  always been confused when people complain about how long the first day back from winter break seems because the first day back has always been my favorite school day since I can remember.

Given, I am extremely tired from my new-found sleeping schedule over winter break, which entails sleeping from 4 a.m. until 1 p.m. Even though I can hardly keep my eyes open, the energy in the school keeps me going that first day back. The new books, different schedules and new school supplies gives me a fresh perspective and energy.

I’ve always been particular fascinated with this day because it’s a new year. All past mistakes I put behind me and start the semester off right.

It feels like at the end of last semester I was obsessed with trying to get a perfect score on everything, trying to cancel out my poor grades I received earlier in the year. Now, I have a clean slate where I can start over. I can concentrate on doing my best without worrying about trying to right previous mistakes.

The chance to have a new start feds into society’s obession with New Year’s resolutions. I am joining the mob. New Year’s resolutions are such a great idea because they challenge us to improve a specific aspect of our lives.

I made my first New Year’s resolution this year. I am going to try to be more positive this year in an effort to have a happier mindset. In every situation I want to find the positive aspect. 

So the next time somone asks a stupid question in class, I will be grateful that they are being inquisitive and learning.

My fresh start is really a fresh start for my entire environment. If I shut my eyes to the negative I open the door to the positive.

Even nature feels like it’s getting a fresh start. As I walked into school on Thursday I was surrounded by snow. The world felt cleansed and ready for a fresh start, just like me.

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