Opinions: A Paige from her book: Making Mr. EHS

The month of January always feels like being stuck in traffic: slow moving and pointless. That is, until last year.

This year and last, my January has been filled with Mr. EHS. I was one of the Boys Karaoke chairs last year, so I got to help pick what songs the boys would sing and cut the music. This year, I am one of the Boys Talent chairs, so I help the boys with their talent portion.

Having something to work on in January makes the month go by faster and makes it more fun. I meet with the boys before and after school for a couple of days and help them work on their talents. Talents have a wide range, some boys sing or dance and some do skits or play an instrument.  The boys all have really good ideas, so it makes the days pass by faster. Last year’s winner Zach Lubinski and another contestant created an original skit where they dressed as girls which won over the crowd.

Counting down the days to Mr. EHS is also helping because it is my favorite event. There is something so entertaining about your classmates dancing around and putting themselves out there for the entire school to see.

On top of that, it is one of my favorite events because all of the money goes to charity. This year, every cent of Mr. EHS ticket sales will go to the Haiti Orphan Project, which helps aid the orphans of Haiti. The goal of the Haiti Orphan Project is to build villages for orphans in Haiti that provide shelter, food, education and clothing to orphans in need. Mr. EHS rises about $6,500 because it has been sold out every single year for 12 straight years.

That money can really make a difference for the people of Haiti. It’s rewarding to know that not only are you going to enjoy yourself and support your school, you are also helping others.

As a senior, I am looking forward to Mr. EHS more than ever since it will be boys in my grade participating so I will actually know most of them. Being involved with the show makes the production even better because it’s so cool to see how everything comes together to make an awesome show.

Now January is like racing by like driving on a highway, and I must say I’m loving it.