School scheduling

The school year is like an intense game, enveloping the player, consuming her every thought and movement, but, in the blink of an eye, as long as it takes for the buzzer to sound, the year is over. The staff and guidance counselors urge students to take a moment to sign up for classes for next year, to get their names on the roster for next season.

Students can sign up for next year’s classes, starting with a simple login through Infinite Campus. Click on Registration Link and then select Course Search.

Type in the course name or the course number of the class requested. Class numbers can be found in the course guidebook. After finding the correct class, click Request This Course and continue signing up for classes. If students’ fingers slip and there is an unwanted course, simply click Drop This Request to remove the added course.

Counselors urge students to be careful when scouring the array of offered courses. Students should be aware if the selected class is blocked or standard, shown by a “B” or “S” at the end of the course number.

Core classes should be selected first then electives. A total of 14 courses should be chosen by the end of the scheduling process.

When the perfect combination of classes has been chosen, click Print Request Summary and return the signed sheet to the counselor or math teacher.

If additional information is needed, visit the Rockwood School District web page or contact Infinite Campus portal help a [email protected]

The portal opened last Friday and closes Jan. 28 at 4 p.m.

Administrators ask students to take a moment to plan for their next play in the game before the clock runs out.