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Opinions: A Paige from her book: A taste of talent

The Variety Show is a country club’s brunch buffet. There are so many different types foods: everything from  crunchy bacon to creamy mousse. The Variety Show served up various delicacies ranging from modern dances to monologues, all of which are equally impressive. Often times it’s hard to pick out one thing that stood out the most because everything was just so unique and exquisite.

Just like in years past, the variety show this year was mouth watering. The show began with the choir singing “Rock of Ages Medley.” This composition was perfect because not only was Rock of Ages the theme, the music was upbeat and students could recognize the songs. If the opening song had been “Hallelujah” it would have set an entirely different tone for the show and would have lost the students interest right away.  It’s like going up to the buffet, and the first thing you see is lamb’s brain. Although some people may be impressed by such a delicacy, the delicacy would disgust and deter most people from enjoying the rest of the buffet.

There were several astonishing vocal performances and dance performances. Aileen (10) and Sean Markovitz (9) did an Irish dance routine that everyone raved about even after the show. Such a talent usually goes unrecognized at school because there is no way really to showcase such an ability, but the Variety Show gives students that opportunity.

The Variety Show offered a large selection just like a brunch buffet.

Usually, I am not a fan of percussion instruments (my sausage, my least favorite brunch meat option) because I lose interest, but the percussion group played a Charlie Brown medley, which kept my attention and brought back memories of my childhood. Each member also wore a different color shirted to resemble a Charlie Brown character, adding a cute detail needed to complete the performance.

As always, the in-between skits preformed by Kyle Anderson (10), Olivia Dames, Jackie Eisenbeis and Brenon Hawley (12) stole the show. The various scenes, which they wrote themselves, were heavily improved each night of the show and were both relatable and hilarious.

Several skits were parodies of famous TV shows such as “Long Island Medium” and “The Bachelor.” Other skits poked fun at celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, Taylor Swift, and One Direction. Still others reflected our culture such as hipsters and our incessant need to Instagram everything.

These skits were so well received because they were all relatable and everyone in the audience could find some truth in at least one skit. There were those skits, the hashbrowns in our brunch buffet, that made the audience feel more comfortable because of the familiarity,  a nice break from all the fancy, expensive food.

I think the reason I have always loved the Variety Show so much is because I get to see the talents of fellow classmates which I didn’t even know they possessed. Sure, there are people who play football or dance on Goldenline that we get to see perform all the time, but the Variety Show gave me the opportunity to see unique talents.

In the beginning of this semester I sat next to D’Angelo White  in Senior Composition. I talked to him before the Variety Show started. Little did I know he was actually in the show. D’Angelo and his brother did an amazing dance; I didn’t even know he could dance!

Just like at brunch, I never knew what was next in line. So put your napkins on your laps EHS and be excited for next year’s Variety Show because I know it will be up to par.

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