Teacher nominations

People enter lives for a reason, and they may leave as abruptly as they entered.

Teachers fall into that category. To recognize their hard work and dedication to ensuring students’ success, Teacher of the Year was created.

Students are urged to pick up a nomination form in the guidance office or from their 5th hour teacher. They should then fill out the slip of paper to nominate a teacher for their exemplary job.

Simply follow the directions listed, and turn it back into any teacher, or the main office by Feb. 1st.

Instead of quickly scribbling your thoughts on the paper, students are asked to put thought and detail into their nominations. In substitution for a simple adjective, give examples and evidence of staff members’ actions directly affecting students in and out of the classroom.

Mr. Andrew Ribbing, a science teacher at Eureka and the head of Teacher of the Year nominations, asks students to take a moment and let the staff know their work is valued.

“Students need to pick a teacher that has made a big impact,” Mr. Ribbing said. “Take a moment and describe how much you appreciate them.”

Teachers do much more than what is written in their simple job description, and deserve proper recognition for their efforts.

Although teachers may not be adorned with a badge or medals, they have a great impact on students’ lives.

Before the year comes to a close, take a second to honor Eureka’s dedicated staff.