Opinions: A Paige from her book: Paige’s picks

It’s that time of year again: course selection. For everyone but seniors, course selection is a major source of stress. Like deciding what to wear to Homecoming, choosing classes requires much thought and planning.

Being very interested in fashion, I always take months to find the perfect Homecoming dress and accessories. I am also an avid planner, so I took selecting my courses seriously and planned out how each class would affect my schedule for the years to come.

Boys, if you think you are off the hook think again. If you think finding the perfect tie to match your date’s dress is unimportant, enjoy not having a date to homecoming. This coordination is important to keep in mind. Everyone has their own sense of style; there will always be that one person who shows up to Homecoming in a duct tape dress, just like some classes I may enjoy but might not interest others in the slightest.

As a senior, I have completed 35 courses, so–like a fashion adviser–I am here to help you figure out the best classes to take.

Everyone needs two fine arts classes (one credit) to graduate, just like every girl needs a dress to wear to Homecoming. The best way I have found to fulfill this requirement is through theatre classes.

I have taken Theatre 1, Theatre 2, Theatre 3 and Theatre 4. As a freshman, I took Theatre 1 first semester and enjoyed it so much that I took Theatre 2 second semester. Theatre classes give students a unique opportunity that they cannot get in any other class, full creative freedom. They get to choose what scenes they preform, usually who they preform with and stage the scene themselves.

Ms. Susie Allmendinger, theatre teacher, truly loves theatre and teaches all of her students to have that same appreciation and respect for the art form. She is not only a talented director but an actress, as well. Having her as a teacher has made me a much better actress. I think about my characters in depth and think about the motivation behind each one of their actions.

I learned so much from all of my theatre courses, ranging from how to develop a character to the history of theatre. Those classes also gave me more of an appreciation for all aspects of theatre from the acting side to the technical side. Even if students are not interested in the arts, the classes help students be more comfortable preforming in front of groups and improve memorization skills.

Shoes are a definite must for Homecoming, just like two practical arts courses (one credit) are a must for graduation. Last year, I was in Fashions 1 in order to meet this requirement.

In the course we sewed pin cushions, pillow cases and pajama pants. I had a lot of fun in the class because the environment Mrs. Debbie Powell, FACS teacher, created; it seemed like I was hanging out with a bunch of friends while working on a fun project rather than at school working on something to be graded on. Although I was terrible at sewing, Mrs. Powell worked with each student to make sure they succeeded. I feel like I have the basic knowledge I need so I could do simple sewing tasks, such as sewing on a button.

After taking Journalism Writing and Reporting last year to finish my practical arts requirements, I took Newspaper Production. My only regret about newspaper is not taking it sooner. I love to write and newspaper gives me the opportunity to write my opinions; I feel like I actually have a voice at school.

If writing isn’t your thing, EHS Publications offers many different types of courses to cater your specific interesst. Design and Desktop Publishing deals more with designs and layouts on computer and is the prerequisite for Yearbook Production while Video Production deals with filming and editing videos to make the Bugle Broadcast. All of the Publications count for a practical arts credit.

Mrs. Elisha Strecker, journalism teacher, treats each of her students as real journalists not as students doing a story for their high school newspaper. She collaborates with each of her students on a creative level and has made me a better writer. I write with more imagry and metaphors to capture my audience now, a skill I used to struggle with.

I always regret not taking Child Development. It’s like having a matching boutineer and corsage, not a requirement but still helps to pull the look together. 

I had several friends who did have time for it in their schedule and they loved it. They said it taught them a lot about pregnancy and child birth, which honestly I feel like I know nothing about. It is important for everyone to have at least some knowledge about pregnancy because most women will have a child and most men will marry a woman who will have a child so this knowledge willl come in handy.

A personal finance credit is required to graduate just like finding a great hairstyle for Homecoming.

Students have options. Girls attending Homecoming can have an up-do, straight hair or curly hair; students can pick from either Personal Finance or Personal Financial Management when it comes to fulfilling their personal finance half credit.

I took Personal Financial Management with Mr. Doug Dietrich, business teacher and was originally dreading it because I hate learning about finances and money. Mr. Dietrich made me actually enjoy the class because he truly loves what he does and cares about the success of every single one of his students. He makes an effort to know each one of his students; it has almost been three years since I have taken the class, and Mr. Dietrich still says, “hello” to me when he passes me in the hall.

A social studies elective is also a graduation requirement, but there are tons of options just like there are thousands of ties to choose from that will still match your date’s dress. However, some will look better than others. My favorite social studies classes by far have been AP U.S. History with Mr. Bryan Clar and AP Psychology with Mr. Justin Morris. These teachers always kept me laughing and engaged in their lectures. These two subjects also are fascinating, and the AP credit is always good to have for college.

This selection have just been a few of my favorite courses I have taken. I know there isn’t one perfect Homecoming look and there isn’t just one perfect class schedule. We are fortunate enough to go to a school where all the teachers care about the success of their students and will help them enjoy whichever course they take. So don’t get caught up with all the rules and social pressures of Homecoming, dress in whatever will make you feel comfortable. Each semester, take the classes that interest you because, afterall, everyone has their own personal style.