Opinions: A Paige from her book: Cooking up excitement

Now that Mr. EHS is over, I have been hearing everyone say that there is nothing left to look forward to until Graduation when in fact now that January is over, there is so much to look forward to!

It’s like saying that now that you have baked the cake, the fun is gone. Baking the cake is only half the fun; the best part is actually eating the cake.

Although I do agree February tends to drag on, we have two late start days, a half-day and we are off a Monday, which will help the month fly by. We are waiting for the cake to bake, but the less time we spend just staring waiting for the cake to finish baking, the faster time seems to go by.

March is full of excitement. The first weekend in March is the spring play “The Curious Savage” and the Music in Our Schools concert. We are off for a little over a week in the middle of March for Spring Break and another day later in March for a spring holiday.

Because of all the events in March, it’s the best month of second semester aside from May when the semester actually comes to a close, the icing of the cake. Even though we can’t eat the cake yet (clearly the best part of the cake experience), icing the cake is enjoyable and fun.

And then April comes. At the start of April seniors have graduation practice and their Senior Breakfast in the morning then that same weekend is Prom, much anticipated by all upperclassmen. The next week there is a half-day and then the StuCo blood drive.

April, we cut the cake. We are so close to actually eating it, and the anticipation is exciting, almost too much to handle. The sweet smell of graduation begins to surround us.

Finally, May comes. Participating seniors spend the day at Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals play the Reds, May 1. The next week brings a half day and Senior Awards Night, the following week: graduation practice and the last day of school for seniors. Finally, we graduate at the Chaifetz Arena, May 22.

Underclassmen also have events to look forward to in May. Although they are not graduation, they are still so close to summer break: finals and AP Exams signifying the closing of the school year and the beginning of summer.

May, we feast. Cake for all our friends. All of the work comes to a beautiful end, and we finally can enjoy everything we’ve worked for.

Although making it through second semester may seem like a endless task, it is important to keep everything in perspective and remember the ultimate goal: getting the reward at the end.

Even though school may seem tedious, let’s focus on the joys we share together along the way. Each step of the process is essential to that delicious outcome.