Opinions: A Paige from her book: 22 going on 23

22. No, I’m not referring the Taylor Swift song. No, I’m not referring to the age one graduates from college. No, I’m not talking about the hours of sleep I wish I got every night. I’m referring to the amount of productions I have been in over the past seven years.

On Sunday, I will be able to say 23 because “The Curious Savage” opens, March 7. Although most people have heard about the show through the various posters and fliers in the hallway or people talking in class, no one really knows what it’s about aside from those involved in the production.

Mr. Schulz said it was about demented toys or the sequel to “Ted,” but these descriptions of the show could not be any further from the truth.

Don’t worry, I wont spoil it. All I will say is the play takes place in a sanatorium, a less extreme version of an insane asylum, in the 1950s. The show starts with Mrs. Savage (Mackenzie Emmert), the newest guest, being dropped off by her children who claim she is insane because she is spending the family fortune. The play then begins to take many twists and turns while her children search frantically for the 10 million dollars in bonds she has hidden, almost turning into a game of Clue in some respects.

If I said any more, it would give away the rest of the show.

The set is the most extravagant set on which I have ever had the honor of performing. The hardwood floors, towering bookcases and bay window give the overall feel of a real sanatorium. The set really can only be truly appreciated in person.

This show has so many aspects; anyone can find something to enjoy about it. There are heart-warming moments, comedic timing, mysterious circumstances and serious scenes. It explores relationships and the complex idea of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

I’m excited to have my 23rd show added to the list. If they were in order of my favorite productions, “The Curious Savage” would have to take the top spot.