Football pride


EHS loves its football. “I’ve been coming to the games for three or four years,” Adam Schlittler (9) said “I love coming because it’s exciting. I can feel it in my blood.”

Football games are loud. The bleachers overflow with students and families sporting their purple and gold. The screams from Catpound can rival many college football games.

“I’m just excited when football season comes around each year,” Mr. Farrell Shelton, head football coach, said. “Eureka is a unique environment with the tradition and how special Friday nights are here.”

From grandparents to parents to graduates to students to future students, many generations of families attend games. The stadium is definitely a special place on Friday nights.

Players to watch:

  • Mason Bendigo, quarterback
  • Brock Geisz, line backer
  • Brett Geisz, wide receiver
  • Adam Yancey, running back
  • Michael Wangerin, defensive tackle and
  • Mitch McCain, line backer

“There are some seniors that have put in hard work for four years, and I’m excited for them,” Coach Shelton said, “Guys will be looking to them to provide leadership.”

How the Wildcats win: Character, accountability and experience are all of high importance. “We focus on completing the process: the process of accountability,” Coach Shelton said.

The coaches emphasize being examplary citizens in the classroom and on the field: sitting in the front of classes, paying attention, turning work in on time and staying out of trouble.

“Our coaches preach it all the time,” McCain said. “It’s just making us better people.”

Those leaders do a great job pumping up the team and getting them ready for games.

“My goal is to get the most out of my teammates and play as hard as I can,” Bendigo said.

With 32 seniors comprising most of the returning starters, the Wildcats should have an advantage against less-experienced teams.

“Experience always helps in this game,” Shelton said.

The experience helps the players keep cool heads during heated moments of the game.

“You get used to the intensity,” McCain said, “It makes it more exciting.”

Upcoming season: “I expect us to have a really good season” Bendigo said. “We’ve got a lot of really good talent.”

The Wildcats’ first home game is against top rival Lafayette, Aug. 30.

“What I’m excited about right now is the Lafayette game,” Bendigo said.

After last year’s second half comeback was shut down, the Wildcats will look for revenge and a chance to prove themselves very early in the season.

Overview: “I expect another good season,” Bendigo said. “Almost like a repeat of last year.”

The stands will be overflowing with past, present and future students cheering with intensity: E-U-R-E-K-A!