Principals in the loop


Dr. Jonathon White and Jonathon “JJ” Washington (12) catch up during lunch, Aug. 28.

The class of 2014 is the last class to have a different principal each year of their high school career.

This year, Mr. Bradley Klages, former sophomore class principal, is now the junior class principal and Dr. Jonathon White, former junior class principal, is now the sophomore class principal.

The purpose of this switch is to allow these two principals to follow their respective classes into junior year.

Next year, Mr. Klages will be the sophomore principal once again, while Dr. White will move with the current sophomore class into junior year.

“The change was a big decision,” Dr. White said. “We talked about the benefits of looping and looked at the pros and cons.”

Having one principal follow one class throughout high school, or looping, has many benefits that include a stronger relationship between principals and students because of the extended time spent working with them, according to Dr. White.

“Now kids don’t just go by me,” Dr. White said. “I get to go with them.”

The change wasn’t made because something wasn’t working but because if there is something that will work better, it should be given a try, according to Mrs. Deborah Asher, head principal.

“It makes sense,” Alex Pfeil (12) said. “The principals get to be better acquainted with their students.”

The looping currently in progress is a partial loop; only the middle two years are affected by it.

Because both freshman and senior years are experiencing, or about to experience, such unique transitions, the administrative team decided it would be best to have consistency in the principals working with those grade levels, according to Mrs. Asher.

“Now we’ll start off junior year knowing the kids,” Mr. Klages said. “It will be easier for us to figure out what their needs are.”

Mr. Klages and Dr. White should be able to do their job more effectively with this new system; the principals don’t have to take additional time to establish relationships with students their junior year, according to Mrs. Asher.

“Hopefully, the change is for the better,” Mr. Klages said. “Hopefully, students will get more out of us this way.”