Recreation for Eureka


The entrance to The Timbers, the new recreation center in Eureka, Sept. 8.

Eureka Parks and Recreation has begun its largest and most expensive project to date: a new recreation center, totaling $11 million and paid for in part by a $.005 sales tax put in place by Eureka voters a few years ago, according to Mrs. Missy Bundren, director of Eureka Parks and Recreation.

The Timbers of Eureka, located just south of Interstate 44 on the east side of 109, will feature a gymnasium, workout facility, outdoor pool, daycare room, party room and multiple meeting rooms.

“I think the fitness center will be really nice,” Brennen Lummus (12) said. “I feel like The Timbers will be nicer than the YMCA.” 

Membership for a family of five at the new center will cost $36.00 a month for residents of Eureka, or $52.50 for non-residents, as opposed to the Wildwood YMCA’s membership, costing $82.00 a month independent of residency.

“This idea has been in the works going back over ten years,” Mrs. Bundren said. “The city was in agreement and so were the residents.”

A board of residents also had a say in the decision, according to Mr. Michael Biedenstein, Eureka recreation supervisor.

“I know a lot of people who will be at The Timbers,” Rachel Brewer (11) said. “It will be fun seeing people I know.”

There are all sorts of programs and activities under development for The Timbers, according to Mr. Andrew Fleck, a recreation supervisor for Eureka. The programs offered at The Timbers include craft classes for kids, A.C.T. prep for students, various fitness classes and music classes.

For a more complete list, download the Parks and Recreation Program Guide.

“The Timbers is hoped to become a hub of the Eureka community,” Mrs. Bundren said. 

The pool, gymnasium and meeting rooms can be reserved individually for parties or all three can be reserved simultaneously for lock-ins.

“I think The Timbers will be a great place for kids to go,” Kyle Kulik (10) said. “It’s a really accessible way for kids to get in shape.” 

The new recreation center is planned to open in late September or early October.

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