Long distance family

The smell of freshly cooked lasagna wafts through the open house of Anna Altice (12). As her mother, still in work clothes, scrambles around the kitchen, their dog’s barks echo throughout. Meghan, Anna’s middle school sister, continues to rant about the lunch-table drama that ensued hours earlier. The clanking of dishes, the scratches of silverware and the stumbling of chairs could not overpower the sound, or lack thereof—their father doesn’t live at home during the weekdays.

His picture hangs on the fridge and family photos decorate the walls. Conversations seem to sway towards the topic of him.

Mr. John Altice lives in Texas five days of the week, traveling home every weekend to visit his family that lives 727.5 miles away in Wildwood, Missouri. Months earlier, he made the tough decision to move down there for his job and faced loneliness when the second decision was made: his family would not go with him. is there any explanation for this without getting too personal?

“My dad lives in Texas during the week for business and flies up lol were up from texas not down every weekend to come give us a holler,” Anna Altice you already mentioned her. but be sure to use her full name since you referenced other family members said. “He lives down there separately, just so we don’t have to change schools. It’s really nice, it means a lot because moving sucks. Next summer I think we’re moving down there to be with him, so that’ll be fun. I get to go to college with all of my friends I don’t have”

This family dynamic is not uncommon. There’s growing popularity in the situation that a parent lives hours away at most times, and travels home to say hello. 3 also transition between the altices and the sandens a little more

“My dad lives in Illinois during the week for his job and drives up every weekend to visit,” Lauren Sanden (11) first mention said.

The world has shrunk. With the invention of technology, motor vehicles and other advances, the world has become so small it’s accessible in the palm of a hand. While this means more traveling for loved ones, it also means easier communication.

“I call him most nights, so it doesn’t hit me as hard as it has hit my mom,” Sanden said. “She misses him a lot. But we’ve adjusted, it’s getting better.”

Although a goodnight or an I love you may not have the same feeling as it’s read over the phone, and a pixelated screen may not be able to show just how bright a father’s blue eyes are, they’re still there. i dont think bedtime stories really apply to these two families

“It really hasn’t affected too much at home,” Altice said. “We have Skype, so we use that. Technology helps a lot.”

Technology has become a means of communication for other students who struggle with the long-distant relationships with a parent, keeping them connected throughout the time changes and busy schedules.this transition can be better

“My dad travels internationally for his company,” Matthew Varner (12) first mention said. “I might see him two months out of the year. It’s hard.”

Changes echo throughout all catagories of these student’s lives while a parent is gone.

“My mom has a lot more pressure on her,” Sanden said. “Since I can’t drive yet she has to figure out rides and she tries her best to organize everything. It’s almost like living in a single parent family.”

A single parent family is becoming more and more popular, while jobs are becoming scarcer. this is making it sound like people are opting to be single parents for real, i dont think thats true as youve just outlined all of the struggles Most workers try to hold onto a steady income while not compromising their family life. There are changes that all family members are still adapting to.

“Well, the quality of the food has definitely gone down since my dad was the main cook in our house,” Varner said. “There’s a less behavioral discipline too with only one parent around. My mom also has to deal with all of the finances so it takes a toll on her.”

Especially if the family member is miles and miles away, this change has shaken the core of families.shouldnt this be especially?

“We’re still close, our relationship hasn’t changed much. He calls me almost every night.” Sanden said. “I just miss him.” this is a good ending but it almost takes away from everything youve already said. youve been proving how hard it is but then she says that their relationship hasnt changed