Eureka talent singing out


Kyle Anderson and Rejoy Samuel practice choreography for OnStage! in Ms. Donna Baker’s fourth hour class, Oct. 23.

Hoping to represent EHS for all of Missouri to see, choir students are auditioning for all-state choir.

All-state choir is composed of juniors and seniors across the state, rehearsing twice before performing at the Missouri Music Educator’s Convention, a gathering of music teachers from across the state at Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, MO in January.

Twelve students from EHS have been chosen to audition for this prestigious choir.

“It’s a big deal,” Mary France, mixed chamber choir and OnStage!, said. “We get to be a part of a really selective choir made up of kids from all over the state.”

The following EHS students have received all-state auditions:

  • Nick Vogl
  • Rejoy Samuel
  • Aileen Markovitz
  • Bri Marsh
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Sam McNair
  • Sarah Cox
  • Allyson Lotz
  • Thalia Dimitrion
  • Janna Schmid
  • Mary France
  • Laura Frederickson

“It’s phenomenal,” Ms. Donna Baker, choir teacher, said. “It’s off the charts. I believe we’re second in the whole St. Louis area with students chosen to participate in the different choirs.”

Last year, 11 students received All-State auditions, making this year one of the highest numbers of students receiving auditions, according to Mrs. Baker.

“Eureka is talented,” Kyle Anderson, mixed chamber choir, OnStage! and concert chorale, said. “We all worked very hard; I have a vocal coach that I worked with for the audition. I go once a week for 40 minutes.”

Students who wanted to audition for All-State Choir first had to audition for all-district choir, select a solo to sing and then sight read or read the musical notes on a page without the accompaniment of auditory music.

“Mrs. Baker sat down with everyone and made them sing their song,” Rejoy Samuel, OnStage!, said. “She also helped me with sight reading. It helps us improve.” 

If a student makes All-District Choir, s/he is then able to audition for All-State. The student must sing one song, Locus Iste in Latin, that is constant for all students in the audition.

“I have been listening to all the kids with All-State auditions this week,” Mrs. Baker said. “I’ve been commenting on everything I can hear just to improve their performance.”

Students auditioning provide their vocal part; soprano, alto, tenor or bass and listen to a recording of the song with all the remaining parts present, provided by St. Louis Suburban District, a district of Missouri Choral Directors Association.

Four students from each vocal part are chosen from those auditioning in Missouri, composing the sixteen-member All-state Choir. Two alternates are chosen because the choir is extremely strict; if a member is late to one of the two mandatory rehearsals, they’re kicked out, according to Mrs. Baker.

The students are judged by officials at from MCDA.

“We have a very good arts department, especially when it comes to choir,” Nick Vogl, mixed chamber choir and OnStage!, said. “We push ourselves really hard to achieve success. We’re very detail-oriented and don’t stop working until we’re perfect.”

Thirty-nine EHS choir students auditioned for either honors choir or All-district Choir, with 37 students chosen to be a part of mixed choir, women’s choir, or honors choir.

Auditions for all-state choir will be held this coming Monday, Oct. 28 at Pattonville High School.