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EHS-hub will offer live streaming of events

The EHS-hub, the online presence of the student publications is starting a new service, making student life and select varsity athletic events available live online.

For a fee, viewers can have immediate access, but everyone can view the event 72-hours after it aired. Subscribers can choose from a number of options: a one day pass for $9.95 or a 30-day pass for $14.95.

“Live streaming is a good parent or relative tool. It expands to a wider audience,” Craig White, Digital Media Production editor-in-chief, said. “Students are going to be able to access that tool, too, if they aren’t able to attend the event or watch the event at home. They can do  something else at the same time: do homework while watching their best friend get the game- winning spike or the game-winning goal.”

This service is appealing for many reasons.

“I like it because it gives everyone an access to be involved with the action even though they might not be here physically,” Mr. Greg Curran, head boys varsity volleyball coach, said.

The live-streaming options broadens the publication’s audience.

“It helps the fans or parents keep in touch with the events and maybe brings a bigger audience to the event than otherwise would be able to participate,” Mrs. Julie Oligschlaeger, parent, said.

After several test runs at varsity events, the first event the staff aired was the Renaissance Assembly, March 7. The experience has not been without its problems.

“It is very exciting and a little scary, we have never done it before. There aren’t any publications programs around here doing this.”  Mrs. Elisha Strecker, publications adviser, said. “We are pioneering new territory and there is no precedent, and there is no place to look to see how they did it. We have figure that out ourselves.”

Live streaming requires a strong Wi-Fi signal that is hard to come by in the valley of EHS, but the staff is determined to overcome those problems. The program holds potential.

“I just think it is a great learning opportunity–that utilization of that kind of media, being able to work on it at the high school level for those students that are wishing to pursue to that kind on of field,”  Dr. Jason Green, activities director, said.

Mrs. Deborah Asher, head principal, sees the potential.

“Live streaming events is really a great thing. We have a lot of people who have conflicts, who cannot attend the events because of travel time where they could watch them if they were streamed live or even later as a recording,”  Mrs. Asher said.  “It’s especially for parents and families. I think it’s great also for families that don’t live in town. They can keep up with their nieces and nephews and their grandchildren.”

The student staff are invested in growing the program.

“It’s a lot different watching something live,” Chris Barnett, announcer, said. “It’s pretty much fun to produce, too.”

Next year the EHS-hub staff will offer a discount on year-long subscriptions. At $75 for the year, the year rate is a bargain; the six-month rate will be $59.95, the one-month rate will be $14.95 and the day-pass rate will be $9.95. To subscribe, visit

The next live-stream event will be the Girls Varsity Lacrosse v. Villa Duchesne at 4:15 p.m., May 13.