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Student ID practices have changed


Tiffany Skaggs, News Editor

If students missed orientation, they have new incentive to make it to make-up orientation tomorrow, Aug. 7, since the photos take there is the basis for their new IDs. Students will begin putting their ID’s to more use this year, as soon as they receive them the first week of school.

About the only place students can expect not to be using their ID’s now is in the lunch line.

Otherwise, they will have to have them whether physically or in digital form to sign in at the nurse, counseling office, library, ac-lab and when they arrive late to school or depart early.

“Simply stated we’re going to go full on at the beginning of the year with students using their ID’s to get around campus,” Mrs. Asher, head principal, said.

Security and safety will increase when faculty and administration know the whereabouts of those students not in class, as well as those entering or leaving.

“The new software will help speed transitioning,” Mrs. Pickett, head librarian, said. “It will be more effective, more open, more transparent, because the staff will be able to see readily where students are.”

The underlying reason to increasing the use of ID’s is to benefit students, improving the efficiency of school and giving students more independence.

“To emphasize, the changes in ID practices is to give students more freedom similar to what they would have in college or in many workplaces,” Mrs. Asher said. “Students will have access to everything with their ID, but if they don’t have the ID they won’t have the access and the freedom that comes with it.”

For students who have any suspensions from extracurriculars, tardies, or are on probation, faculty will be able to see this by scanning student ID cards this year.

“Right now we have so many rules and regulations in place to combat such a small number of individuals,” Mrs. Asher said. “But then you have the other 95% of students, who are having to jump through the hoops. But why? Because of 5%. Let’s try to flip that so we’re serving the majority rather than the minority.”

Students who didn’t get their picture taken at orientation will have to wait until the make-up picture day, Sept. 8, to receive their newly issued ID for free.Otherwise the school will print one for students, but these will cost $2, and to print one a second time will cost $5.

Although, students who have an ID from previous years can use those instead or in addition to their new ones, according to both Mrs. Asher, and Mrs. Pickett.

Makeup orientation will be held, Thursday, Aug. 7, anytime from 9-11:30 a.m. Freshman, who miss their orientation, 8 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Friday, Aug. 8, can take their pictures on the makeup picture day with those who didn’t get their picture taken this week.