Book review: “My Life Next Door”

Abbey L'ecuyer , Feature Writer

“My Life Next Door” by Huntley Fitzpatrick

four stars


14 ds




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Samantha always had a clean and orderly life.

Her mother is a senator, and in their home everything had to be perfect.

Her mother always told Samantha to stay away from their neighbors the Garretts. They had nine kids and left their yard a mess all the time.

What Samantha’s mother doesn’t know is that Samantha has always been fascinated by the Garretts’ hectic lifestyle.

While Samantha’s mom is busy running for senator, Samantha meets Jase Garrett and instantly falls for him.

Samantha continues to get closer to Jase and his huge family, while her mother is occupied with her campaign and no-good campaign adviser.

Just when everything seems perfect, a tragedy occurs and Samantha is forced to choose between the two families.

Though the beginning of Fitzpatrick’s novel seems like any other summer chic-lit, the farther I got the more I realized it was anything but that.

While reading “My Life Next Door” it was impossible to stop turning the pages because it was so easy to get hooked.

Fitzpatrick makes her characters memorable with strong personalities that will create intense feelings both negative and positive.

As I neared the end of the book, I found myself wishing it was never ending because it wasn’t a typical love story.

It was the perfect light summer read for anyone looking to kick back and relax.  Recapture a moment of summer fun and pick up “My Life Next Door.”