New staff: Mr. Joshua Flores, Social Studies

A new way of getting to know our staff


Teacher Selfie

Micah Wengler and Abbey L'Ecuyer, News writer

Here at EHS we take pride in our staff, and now we get to know them with their “last ten”.

What was the last restaurant you visited? “I went to a Thai food place last night.”

  • What did you order?  “I got pad thai.”
  • What’s that? “It’s a dish with noodles and chicken and it’s really spicy and tastes kind of like peanuts.”

What was the last TV show or movie you watched? “The last movie was actually Frozen, two nights ago.”

  • Did you like it? “I did. It was okay.”

What was the last thing you ate? “Peanut butter and jelly for lunch.”

  • Is that what you always have? “No, just what I had today. It’s not my favorite lunch.”
  • What’s your favorite lunch? “My favorite lunch would be a meatball sub. Those are the best!”

What was the last thing you did at your former job? “The last thing I did was coach baseball.”

  • Did you like it? “I did. I love coaching baseball; it’s fun.”
  • Was it at a school? “It was. It was at a high school in Colorado.”
  • How long have you done that? “I coached baseball in Colorado for two years.”
  • What did you do before that? “I went to school at Mizzou. I graduated college in 2012 and moved to Colorado. I was there for two years. I taught high school there at Thunder Ridge High School, and I coached baseball there.”

Who was your last phone call to? “My last phone call was with my fiancé.”

  • What did you talk about? “I mean it was pretty boring. It was just that she was coming home from work and that I should start getting dinner ready. Since I get home earlier, I’m in charge of cooking dinner.”
  • Are you a good cook? “I am. I’m a good cook.”
  • What do you usually make? “I cook anything. My favorite is Mexican food though.”
  • How long have you been engaged? “We have been engaged since last September, Sept. 7, but we’ve actually been together for five and-a-half years.”
  • How did you propose? “I proposed while we were on our favorite hike in Breckenridge, Colorado. We were up in the mountains. We took a picnic, and I proposed to her on top of the mountain.”
  • Do you guys hike a lot? “We did back in Colorado. That was pretty much what we did every weekend was go to mountains. Living in Denver, the mountains are an hour and-a-half away, and so we’d just pack up spend the weekend in the mountains.”

Who was the last person you hugged? “That would be… does my dog count?”

  • Sure.Okay, then my dog this morning!”
  • What kind of dog do you have? “I have a golden retriever, and he is old! He’s 13, so he’s an old guy.”
  • Have you had him the whole time? “The whole time! I actually got him as a Christmas gift when he was a little puppy.”
  • Who gave him to you? My parents.”
  • What’s his name? “Champ”
  • Did you name him?It was more of a collective name. My mom wanted to name him Cooper, but I didn’t like that name, so we named him Champ”

What was the last store you went to? “Yesterday I went to the outlet mall and was at the J-Crew Outlet.”

  • Did you get anything?Yeah, I got a nice pair of red pants!”

What was the last soda you had?  “The last soda I had was a Dr. Pepper.”

  • Is that your favorite type of soda? “It is my favorite type of soda.”
  • Do you have it everyday? “I do not, only once in a blue moon.”

What was the last out of state place you visited? “The last out of state place was Colorado because I moved from Colorado earlier this year.”

  • Do you have family there? “I do not, my family is back in Texas.”
  • Is that where you grew up? “It is. I grew up in a bunch of different cities in Texas. I grew up in San Angelo, Austin, Dallas and Harlingen, so just kind of all over the map.”
  • Why did you move around so much? “My dad was in education. He was a superintendent, so we moved around from place to place as he was changing jobs.”
  • So you didn’t go to just one high school? “I went to two high schools. I went to Round Rock High School and I also went to Dallas Hillcrest High School.”
  • Did you do any sports or activities when you were in high school? “I did, I played football and baseball in high school, and I was also in NHS.”
  • What positions did you play in sports?In baseball I played center field and shortstop and in football I played free safety.”

Who was the last person you communicated with over social media? “I actually just got Facebook challenged by my friend to do the Ice Man Challenge.”

  • What’s that?It’s where you’re supposed to jump in a bucket of ice water and see who can stay in there the longest.”
  • Did you do it? “No, I have not responded!”