New staff: Mrs. Stacey McAdams, Art

A new way of getting to know our staff


Teacher selfie

Abbey L'Ecuyer, News writer

We take pride in our staff, and now we get to know them with their “last ten.”

What was the last restaurant you visited? “McAlister’s Deli.”

  • Do you remember what you ordered? “Definitely, I had a sweet tea and a BLT.”
  • Who did you go with? “My husband.”

What was the last TV show or movie you watched? Big Brother.’ I’m a big fan.”

  • Did you watch it with anyone? “No, I watched it by myself.”

What was the last thing you ate? “Yogurt.”

  • Was that for breakfast? “Just a mid-morning snack a while ago.”

What was the last thing you did at your former job? “Put grades into the computer, so you all could have report cards.”

  • What did you teach? “I was a long-term sub at Lafayette High School.”
  • What subject? “Art.”

Who was the last person you shared a phone call with? “My mother last night.”

  • What do you and your mother usually talk about? “How my day is going, or usually something about my younger brother. Since we live so far a part I don’t get to see her much, so we just catch up on life.”

Who is the last person you hugged? “My husband this morning and my dog. They both get hugs and kisses.”

  • What type of dog do you have? “He is a Whippet mix. He is so cute.”
  • What’s his name? “Hoot”

What is the last store you went to? “Target.”

  • Just to get groceries? “Yup, just to pick up a couple things.”

What was the last soda you drank? “Diet Dr. Pepper last night.”

What was the last out of state place you went to? “I’m from South Carolina. So, probably this summer I spent a couple weeks there.”

  • Do you have family there? “My entire family lives there. My closest family is 700 miles away.”

Who was the last person you communicated with over social media? “My best friend just had a little baby, so we send stuff through Snapchat and Twitter so we can keep up with each other.”

  • Does she live in South Carolina, too? “She does.”