New Staff: Mr. Tomas Pitcher, SSD

A new way of getting to know our staff

We take pride in our staff, and now we get to know them with their “last ten.”

What was the last restaurant you visited? “Biggies.”

  • Where is it? “It’s a restaurant on Watson in South City.”
  • What kind of food do they have?  “Italian food.”
  • What did you get there? “I got a steak.”

 What was the last TV show or movie you watched? “’The Simpsons’.”

  • Do you watch that often? “The marathon was on, so I watched it.”
  • Is that a show you usually watch? “Yeah.”

 What was the last thing you ate? “I had honey roasted peanuts.”

  • Was that for breakfast? “Yes.”
  • Is that what you usually eat for breakfast? “I usually don’t eat breakfast, but that is what I had today.”

 What was the last thing you did at your former job? “I returned my computer.”

  • What job did you have? “I taught CWC English, Reading and Special Education.”
  • What do you do now? “I teach the therapeutic program for Special School District.”
  • How long did you teach at your old job for? “One year there. Before then I was in St. Louis City, and I worked with students with Autism.”
  • Did you have to go to a particular college for that? “I went to UMSL and got my graduate degree in Special Education offices.”

 Who was the last person you shared a phone call with? “My friend from Texas.”

  • What did you talk about? “Football.”
  • Are you from Texas? “No.”
  • Are you a Texas football fan? “No. We just went to college together. He lived in Texas, and I live in St. Louis.”
  • How did you meet in college? We played the same position.
  • Oh, so you played football in college? “Yeah.”
  • What college did you go to? “I went to several, but the last one I went to is where played with him, at Tabor College in Kansas.”
  • What position did you play? “I played major tackle and guard.”
  • Between those two what was your favorite? “Guard.”
  • Why did you like it better? “It was just easier.”
  • What was your teams rankings? “We were 11-1 and ranked number 6 in the nation one year, and one year we were like 6-4.”
  • Do you still keep up with your a lot of your friends from the team?  “From that team? Just two guys I still talk to.”
  • So did you like playing football? “Yeah, it was a good time.”
  • Did you play on other teams at other colleges? “Yes. I played at Missouri Valley and the other places I didn’t really play. I was there, but I wasn’t on the team at that time.”

Who was the last person you hugged? “My son.”

  • How old is he? “I have three-year-old and a one-year-old. I think the three-year-old was the last one I hugged.”
  • Do you have boys or girls? Two boys.
  • What are their names? “Michael and Matthew.”
  • Do you play football with them yet? “We play around. yeah.”

What is the last store you went to? “Dierbergs.”

  • What did you get there? “Just groceries.”
  • Do you usually go shopping there? “Yeah, I like Dierbergs.”

 What was the last soda you drank? “Dr. Pepper.”

  • Is that your favorite? “Yes, one of them.”
  • What are your other favorites? “I like Squirt.”
  • What is Squirt? “It’s got citrus. It is kind of like Sprite.”

 What was the last out of state place you visited? “I went to Tennessee.”

  • Do you have family there? “Yeah, my brother.”
  • How old is your brother? “About 35.”
  • Are you close with him? “Yeah, I guess.”
  • How often do you got to Tennessee to see him? “Around four or five times a year.”
  • Do you have any other siblings? “Yes, I have another brother and three sisters.”
  • Are they also in Tennessee? “No, they’re all in St. Louis.”
  • Why is your brother in Tennessee? “He has a job coaching football.”
  • Is the whole family into sports? “The whole family is in education but one. We’ve got a counselor, one sister does kindergarten, one sister does 4th grade, I do high school, my brother does PE.”
  • Did any of your other brothers play football? “Yeah, my one brother played at Missouri Valley, too.”

Who was the last person you communicated with over social media? “I don’t do social media. I don’t Facebook or any of that.”

  • Why is that? “The people I want to talk to can come talk to me. Just because we went to high school together does not mean we are friends.”