Fast passes

A quicker and more efficient way to buy Homecoming tickets

Nick Walsh, Sports writer

Buying tickets for Homecoming can be a hassle. First students stand in line to make sure they are clear of fines, then from this line they go directly into another to pay for and receive their tickets.

For those who are impatient and can’t stand waiting in line for such a simple process, there is now a solution.

“We wanted to streamline the whole process of purchasing dance tickets this year, Mrs. Torie Glatt, secretary to the senior class principal, said. “It makes it quicker and more efficient.”

New to EHS this year is the Fast Pass.

“The Fast Pass allows students to check their accounts, see if they have any outstanding fines, fees or overdue books before having to stand in lines to buy their Homecoming tickets,” Mrs. Glatt said.

The Fast Passes will be available up until the end of the day today free of charge in the Junior/Senior office as well as the library, Oct. 1.

In order to receive a Fast Pass, students must have their student IDs present.