Photo of the day: Geriatric Wednesday recap

The third day of Spirit Week continued with Geriatric Wednesday, Oct. 8. “Geriatric Day lets me release my inner-old man,” Jake Smith (10) said. “I get to dress up and have a good time.”

As Mr. Jim Schulz, StuCo adviser, said, on the announcements, “It is, in fact, okay to wear your grandpa’s clothes.”

The spirit standing’s are currently:

  1. Seniors: 90 points
  2. Juniors: 50 points
  3. Freshman: 15 points
  4. Sophomores: 10 points

Yesterday’s lunch-time activity consisted of a relay race where participants had to carry a tray with a cup, a tennis ball and ping pong balls on it, to each end of the commons. One hand was above their shoulder, while the other hand balanced the tray and the items on it. Each team consisted of four players. The seniors won in 1st and 3rd lunches and the sophomores won in 2nd lunch.

The remaining Spirit Days:

  • Thursday: Pajama day: Jump into onesies and slippers.
  • Friday: Spirit Wear Day: Wear all the purple and gold so you can show your school spirit.

Tonight is also the Powder Puff game, so don’t forget to come on out and cheer on our junior and senior gals. The game will be played at 6:00pm on the football field, Oct. 9