New Staff: Ms. Rachel Cox, Science

A new way of getting to know our staff


Ms. Cox

Ms. Cox takes a selfie

Micah Wengler, News writer

We take pride in our staff, and now we get to know them with their “last ten.”

editor’s note: We spent time with Ms. Cox two weeks ago. Here’s what we learned about her.

What was the last restaurant you visited? “Bread Co.- or Panera.”

  • What did you get? “I had a Mediterranean Egg White Sandwich on whole grain.”
  • Is that your favorite thing to get? “It is. Every morning I wish I had it. I do, basically.”
  • Did you go there with anyone? “No. I went by myself.”

What was the last TV show or movie you watched? “Probably ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on Netflix.”

  • Is that a favorite of yours? “Yes.”
  • Do you usually keep up with all the episodes/seasons? “Yeah, and I’m waiting for the rest of the season to come out, and, I don’t know, it doesn’t give us an air date. I’m kind of freaking out because I gotta know what happens.”
  • Did you read the books? “No. I should have, shouldn’t I? They’re probably better. I heard they’re not the same though!”
  • Did they write the books first and then the series? “They wrote the books first and then the series, but I’ve heard that the series veers away from the books. I do read a lot of books, though.”
  • Do you have any favorites? “My favorite author is Janet Evanovich. She writes a series of novels on a bounty hunter.”
  • Is it a mystery? “Yes.”
  • So you like mystery crime books and shows then? “Yeah, I do.”

What was the last thing you ate? “That sandwich from Panera.”

What was the last thing that you did at your former job? “I substitute taught with a fifth grade class. I substituted PE a lot, too, but I think it was my fifth grade class.”

  • Where did you sub at? “Clayton.”
  • Was it just one school? “Yeah. Well, it was all of the schools, but they only have seven or eight.”
  • How long did you do that for? “Two years when I got my degree in teaching.”
  • Did you student teach anywhere? “I did. Parkway West and St. Joe’s Academy.”
  • How long was that for? “A total of 16 weeks, eight weeks at each place.”
  • Did you do the subbing after that? “I quit subbing before I student taught so that I could devote all my time to student teaching.”
  • This is your first year here, did you teach anywhere else aside from subbing and student teaching? “Nope. This is my first job.”

Who was the last person you shared a phone call with? “My mom.”

  • What did you talk about? “She got me a gift card for dinner.”
  • Where was the gift card to? “I don’t know where it is to. She said there are multiple places, and I get to pick on it. It’s one of those gift cards that has different places.”
  • Do you two go out to eat a lot? “Yes. I love to eat.”
  • So are you and your mom close? “Yeah, for the most part. I’m real busy though. Because school, coaching and then I just want to sleep.”
  • What do you coach? “Freshman boys soccer.”
  • How long have you played soccer yourself? “I played all through college. I still play today, but it’s a fun rec. league.”
  • Did you play in high school? “I did. I went to Ursuline, though. I went to Parkway up to eighth grade, and then I went to private school for high school.”

Who was the last person you hugged? “My dog. I have three of them, and I hugged all three of them. I say goodbye to them everyday.”

  • What kind of dogs do you have? “They’re all mixed. One is a chocolate labradoodle, one’s like a German shepard-golden retriever, and then the other one I have no clue. She’s a mut.”
  • What are their names? “Kimmy, Taylor, and Bear.”
  • How long have you had them? “My smallest one I’ve had since I was a sophomore in college, I got my larger on my first year out of collage and I just got the chocolate lab recently, a year ago.”

What was the last store that you went to? “Walmart. Because that’s where I can get everything.”

  • Did you go grocery shopping? “I got deodorant, curtains and some pot pies. Only at Walmart.”
  • Are you refurbishing your house? “I am!
  • What are you doing to it? “We just painted all of the upstairs, painted all of the trim, that was hard. Then we’re redoing the whole basement and adding a little bar. So that’s where we’re at. We’re doing a lot.”

What was the last soda you drank? “Diet Mountain Dew.”

  • Is that your favorite? “Yeah.”
  • Do you usually prefer diet sodas to normal? “Yeah, got to watch the figure, duh.”

What was the last out of state place you visited? “Colorado! Estes Park this summer. It was beautiful.”

  • What were you there for? “It was a wedding. My boyfriend officiated it.”
  • Did you know the people that were getting married? “He did. It was one of his friends from college.”
  • How was he able to officiate the wedding? “He’s a reverend. He did it through an online program because his sister got married and wanted him to do it. Then his friend heard about him doing that and he’s just really fun loving, so he got asked to do one this summer.”
  • Is he a pastor also? “No, just did it for his friends and family.”

Who was the last person you communicated with over social media? “Ms. Kotraba.”

  • What did you talk about? “I needed to figure out how to post grades! I need to post my student’s grades.” 
  • Did you figure out how to post them? “Yes! I just did for my Progress 2, actually today.”
  • Are you usually good with technology? “I am. I just get nervous, and I don’t want to do it wrong, especially when it comes to my job.”