Book review: “Gone Girl”

Abbey L'Ecuyer, News writer

four stars

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The movie is out and a hit, but don’t miss what started it all.

When Amy Elliott Dunne, the seemingly-perfect wife and cool girl, goes missing on the day of her wedding anniversary, a frantic search begins. 

As the police inspect the crime scene more carefully and Nick Dunne, Amy’s husband, begins acting strange, many eyes turn to him for the answers of his wife’s disappearance.

He doesn’t know who Amy’s friends are, he can’t explain her daily routines. Nick doesn’t seem to know his wife at all.

He continually denies being involved with the disappearance of his wife, but with all the evidence piling up against him, how could he possibly be telling the truth?

Even if he is telling the truth, what could have possibly happened to Amy?

“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn is a fast-paced novel with so many plot twists the reader can’t possibly expect what Ms. Flynn will pull out of her sleeve next.

I was turning the pages as fast as possible to see how she could continue to surprise me.

Ms. Flynn creates a crystal-clear image of her characters and their personalities making me see them exactly how she had wanted: innocent.

Ms. Flynn’s story has a mind-blowing amount of tiny details that add to a big picture that I didn’t see until the end. To write a story with such depth and so many twists Ms. Flynn has to be some type of genius.

“Gone Girl” is the perfect book for anyone looking to read a thrilling mystery.