Ask and answered: Student IDs

New lunch line procedures make using IDs when purchasing lunch an option

Student IDs have been required all over campus this school year. Students must have their IDs present if they wish to access places, such as the Ac Lab or the Library; those same IDs can now be used in the lunch lines, Oct. 20.

“The idea of having kids scan their IDs in the lunch lines came up once we started using the IDs around campus,” Mrs. Deborah Asher, head principal, said.

However unlike the library and AcLab, IDs are not required to purchase lunch.

“I had students asking why we couldn’t use the IDs at lunch,” Mrs. Asher said. “I then went to the nutrition department, telling them that I had students interested in using their IDs, so they got the system setup and now students can use their IDs.”

Like all new systems, there is an inconsistency with the scanners reading the IDs.

“Once we figure out how to adjust the scanners so that they scan more quickly it should be a quicker process,” Mrs. Asher, said.

Also, as students get used to scanning their IDs the process should move faster.

“Always with change, it takes time for adjusting,” Ms. Sheila Jaycox, cafeteria manager, said. “Soon it will become as normal as putting in your number.”

For now the finger scan and keypad are still available for students who choose not to scan their IDs or have trouble using the new scanners.