Photo of the day: Searching for kindness


Briana Cross (11) and Briana Boyland (12) trade in their various smiley face stickers in for prizes during second lunch, Dec. 9.

As part of kindness week StuCo has arranged various activities throughout the school, one of them being a scavenger hunt. The hunt was on and students appear to be having fun.

“My friends and I made it a contest.” Boyland said “So I guess you could say I was looking for the stickers pretty hard. I found my stickers all around ranging from the bathrooms in the cafeteria, to the road to successes life mural.”

Both Cross and Boyland where able trade in their stickers for not only candy but gift cards as well.

“Its important to do kindness week, because Kindness is contagious,” Libby Schroeder (11) said. “You never know what others are going through and what impact you can have on them. You might as well make it a positive one.”