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Don’t miss the opportunity to catch the Variety Show, Jan. 15 and 16


Abbey L'Ecuyer

Samantha Whitaker (9), Makenna Finnegan and Hannah Sparling (11) sell a Variety Show ticket to Atika Malique (10), Jan.14.

Abbey L'Ecuyer, News writer

The music rings loud and the strum from the guitar echoes through the theatre as Madeline Ortinau, performer, captivates the audience, a performance that cannot be ignored.

“I like the Variety Show because you don’t realize how many people in our school have talents,” Ortinau said. “Sometimes you don’t know about it, and then you get to see people do things you had no idea they could do.”

Mr. Kenneth Tucker, choir teacher, has already come to enjoy this aspect, too, and it is only his first year being a part of a Variety Show.

“I think it’s fun to watch students be creative,” Mr. Tucker said. “It allows students to demonstrate their talents that they normally wouldn’t get to show to other people, and it includes a wide variety of people.”

Mr. Tucker designed the process by which student performers were chosen.

“They go through an audition process where they perform for some judges,” Mr. Tucker said. “Then, they are chosen based off of the talent level and preparation level and whether their act would be beneficial to the program.”

In the end, the nerves and hard work usually paid off for the performers.

“I think my favorite part is when it’s done, and everyone is applauding because you’re like, ‘I did it,’” Ortinau said.

Sarah Myers, Variety Show attendee, is looking forward to the event.

“I always appreciate dancing because I can’t dance, but I love music too,” Myers said.

The show begins at 7 p.m. and ends around 9 p.m.

The show consists of 30 acts, so there is bound to be something for everyone.

Here is what is in store for the show:

  • Dillon Furlow: Singing/Guitar
  • Leah Schumacher: Singing
  • Sarah Butler and Abby Mann: Singing/Guitar
  • Devin Cline: Singing/Guitar
  • Mary Franc: Singing
  • Ortinau: Singing/Guitar
  • Thalia Dimitriou: Singing
  • Sarah Cox: Singing
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Loren Cottam: Singing
  • SeSe Tockman and Devin Cline: Singing/Piano
  • Emily and Joe Hoffmann: Singing/Guitar
  • Kate Dyson and Elizabeth McNair: Singing/Guitar
  • Katherine Miller, Sarah Stellhorn, Faith Reynolds and Mackenzie Jones: Girls Band
  • Alt Road: Band
  • Angie Busby and Devin Cline: Singing/Guitar
  • Isabel Lopez: Tap Dance
  • Ian Rust: Irish Dancing
  • Abraham, Nathan and Sean: Snare Trio
  • Joe Ivanchuk: Piano
  • Jalissa Bost: Singing
  • Macy White, Henry Dieckhuas: Singing/Guitar
  • Ellie Dubroc: Singing/Guitar
  • Jake Hughes: Singing/Guitar
  • Ashley Lusk: Singing/Guitar

“I like the Variety Show because it’s a variety of things,” Emily Hillestad, performer, said. “We have choir and Onstage! performing, and there’s also some other really cool acts. It is very different.”

Tickets for the Variety Show are on sale now for $6 at lunch, however, anyone can buy them at the door for $10.