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Research results indicated journalism students tend to score higher on the language arts portion of the A.C.T., earn higher grades and succeed in college composition courses at higher levels than
non-journalism students.

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“Publications are super awesome. We are a really close-knit, supportive group of people. Not only is it a great creative outlet. It teaches essential people skills while building my leadership skills. Oh and the parties are great, too.” —Emily Benton
“Not once in my life did I consider journalism—until I joined the publications staff. The process of creating something from nothing is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. You begin to hone your craft and organize the clutter into a colorful mosaic with some help from the greatest people you’ll ever meet.”—Tommy Leonard
“No matter the publication you’re on, you are documenting history. That’s pretty cool. In the end, we are just journalists documenting life. We have the power to write history.”—Mary Kay Gagnepain

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