Behind the scenes: An introduction

In etc… what doesn’t the audience see?

Meet the crew

Katherine Miller, House Manager and publicist crew member, creates signs to promote the musical Oklahoma around school, Oct. 29.

Editors Note: Now that the spring play is in the works, one might wonder what exactly is going into it. This behind the scenes exclusive, from the fall musical Oklahoma!, will give one an insight into the work that the technicians do to help produce an etc… show.

Eight seconds. That’s the goal. All dressed in black, the silhouette of their bodies illuminates on the stage as they rush to change sets in between scenes.

Before these days of scene changes though, the members are working away painting and hammering, mending and making, gathering props and helping to organize details in lighting and sound.

Hustling and bustling backstage brings with it high tension and stresses but also pleasure and laughter; at the heart of this managed chaos are the tech members who the audience doesn’t get the chance to see.

The tech part of etc… is very large and with the actors combined the members make up 5% of EHS.

The tech members like the actors put in many hours of dedication into making the production. The tech members stay after school till six most nights, with the exception of rehearsals week when they stay until everyone finishes.

They also have to come in on Saturdays from nine to five to do extra work too.

All these hours, started in September after the tech interviews and after Ms. Susie Allmendinger, director, picks the leaders which then help to pick the crew members.

“The tech crews did their jobs well,” Ms. Allmendinger said. “They got all their work done when we needed it done by, and the show went exceptionally well.”

Separate from the tech crews are the business teams, publicity and house crew, which help advertise, write up the programs, pass out the programs, greet people at the door and help them to find seats.

Check out what goes into each crew with the links below: