Photo of the day: Lemonade Luau

Remembering the senior class in a positive light

Tiffany Skaggs, feature writer

“Is this a senior prank?!” Zoe McCarthy (11) said. “I think it’s very cute funny and unique. I like their idea.”

Since this morning Tyler Knuckles and Jake Hughes (12) have been spreading some cheer in the commons by offering free lemonade to everyone at EHS, May 6.

“We just randomly did it, because we felt bad about the last senior prank,” Hughes said. “It was terrible. So we thought, ‘let’s do something nice and then we decided to give out free lemonade’.”

They gave out eight gallons of lemonade this morning alone, and had to make a brief Wal-Mart run for more.

The administration staff did not know about the lemonade luau prior to today, but Mrs. AnnMarie Gilman, freshman principal, thought of their motives positively.

“I asked them what’s going on here and they said that they didn’t want to have their graduating class remembered for any prior event; they wanted people to think about this class in a positive way,” Gilman said. “I think it’s a really good thing that they did and I like the initiative they took. It demonstrated positive leadership in the face of potential conflict.”

Although today’s lemonade luau was at random, next week it will not be. Mr. Wilson, hall monitor, has plans of his own.

“They did this on their own but I actually asked them if they would come back next week and do it Wednesday,” Wilson said. “They said they would, so I’m going to help them then.”

Every year the hall monitors wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts near the end of school for fun but this year they want the teachers and kids to participate too.

“It seems like what these two seniors are doing is so much fun,” Wilson said. “If you come to school and you’re having fun, you’re going to learn more and have a better finals week.”

Help spread cheer and motivation for final exams by wearing a Hawaiian shirt to school, Wednesday, May 13.