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Know: A teacher strike due to unfair salaries at East Saint Louis High School has left school out of session for two weeks starting Oct. 7.

Inform: The students are soon going to be forced to make the decision to wait out the teacher strike or transfer to another district. Their opportunity for education at East Saint Louis High School is slowly diminishing.

Care: Students cannot receive the education they deserve until the teacher strike is resolved. It is often overlooked how important these figures are in the lives of every student.

In one sentence: “Teachers are workers just like anyone else,” Mrs. Betsy Cuquet, Special School District teacher, said. “I think they have a right to defend what they believe in, but it impacts so much more than just them.”



Know:  A family in Parma, Ohio, has resorted to removing their gory Halloween decorations in their front lawn after receiving complaints from neighbors and nearby schools. The decorations consisted of fake bodies being impaled by knives, being crucified and hanging from the trees.

Inform: A police officer stopped by one evening at the house to let the family know about the complaints, but never forced them to take the decorations down. Bypassers have also been known to stop for photos with the decorations.

Care: Halloween is traditionally a holiday for children. Keeping the target audience in mind is important to the well-being of those children.

In one sentence: “People shouldn’t have to remove Halloween decorations because they creatively express the spirit of Halloween,” Steve Valeriote (11) said



Know: Apple has lost millions of Apple Music users following the end of their free trial announced, Oct. 21.

Inform: Originally 11 million users strong, Apple Music subscribers dropped to 6.5 million after the free trial ended. Apple’s projected earnings from these subscribers is $780 million dollars annually.

Care: Being the ideal Apple Music demographic with 78 percent of the 206 students polled reporting they own some sort of Apple mobile device, Apple Music’s success seems inevitable despite all the competition: Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Rdio. The market won’t support them all. Currently accessible on the district WiFi, students may flock to the app.

In one sentence: “I pay for it, and I like it a lot because there is a bigger selection of music,” Kylee Stone (12) said. “Everything on itunes you basically have access to.”