Teacher of the Year nomination window closes, Jan. 29

It’s the time of the year, after weeks of adjusting to different schedules, different classrooms, and different teachers, students have finally gathered their bearings after the long winter break.

A vital part of the educational process is the teachers that assist students every day.

Teachers can make or break student experiences at school.

“Teachers, a lot of the time, will go the extra mile and do things they’re not required to do.” Henry Dieckhaus, NHS president, said.

The 2016 Rockwood Teacher of the Year nominations allow for students to elect a full-time teacher they think have done an outstanding job to receive recognition for their work.

This is the main way we can recognize their work,” Dieckhaus said. “This allows for them to not only be recognized but to let them know they are making a difference.”

Counselors, librarians, instructional coaches, administrative interns, and SSD staff are now, also, eligible to participate in the Teacher of the Year Program.

For example, if Ms. Frizzle has changed your life because she is so nice, nominate her.

Nominations should show the reader and not tell. Be sure to show and not tell the reader about her.

Instead of…

  • “Ms. Frizzle is so nice.”

Show by writing…

“She frequently comes in early or stays after school to tutor me in science.”

Instead of…

  • “She incorporates unique classroom activities that increase my understanding of a topic.”

Show by writing…

  • “She transforms our classroom into a living lab to show us how the body works on the inside so I don’t just know the material I can apply it.”

Instead of…

  • “She provides a supportive classroom atmosphere.”

Show by writing…

  • “She always answers my millions of questions with patience and a smile.”

Nomination forms are available in the library entrance and are due at the end of this week, Jan. 29.