Taking in the talent

EHS annual Art Show

EHS will be holding the annual Art Show in the library from 8:16 a.m.-3:05 p.m., Monday, April 4.

Students will be able to attend the Art Show throughout the day during passing periods or with their teachers and classmates.

Each art teacher has been working to decide which art from their classes will be represented in the Art Show.

“Each teacher is in charge of their own boards,” Mrs. Robyn Stellhorn, art teacher, said.” We are pretty particular about the way the boards look because it’s actually sort of the way the artwork looks itself and how it fits together.”

The AP students are in charge of setting up their own booths.

The process of setting up the Art Show takes more than a dozen hours each year because of the large variety of art being displayed from all the different classes. The task so large students help, too.

The art show includes drawings, paintings, ceramics and photography. Graphic Design will also have some animation work that will be displayed on the TVs.

“I look forward to seeing the ceramics wheel out front of the library because watching that is cool. The AP Art students are also always fun to watch,” Kennedy Baker (11) said. “ I know I have at least two drawings and possibly something for [Fashion Construction 2] in the Art Show. My favorite piece is probably one of the drawings in there. I’m not sure which ones were chosen though.”  

Students get to share their work with their peers while the art teachers get to show their colleagues what their students have been working on throughout the semester.

“Students are multitalented, and sometimes they’re students who may struggle in math or they struggle in English or maybe sports just aren’t their thing, but they are the most gifted artists you’d ever meet,” Mrs. Stellhorn said. “They are going to go out and do great things. How cool is it that we can all showcase our gifts?”

Typically, hundreds of students have their artwork displayed in the library. Teachers might love four or more pieces of one student’s artwork, but they will only use one or two so space is saved for students that have never had artwork in the show before.

“I like to see the different kinds of art like the paintings and sculptures because they are always really creative,” Tori Kettenacker (11) said. “I’m also looking forward to seeing some of my friends art that made it into the show.”

The show is an opportunity to provide art students the same recognition students involved in sports receive regularly.

Check out the Art Show, Monday, April 4.