Fresh faces: Abriela Bogan (11)

Fresh faces are all around. The Hub will be interviewing the people that wander the halls every day, so we can put a personality to the stranger


Abriela Bogan (11) is passionate about politics as she stands in front of the American flag, April 12.

“I’m passionate about the government and politics.

I really started getting into politics when I took government class last semester.

Some people get their political views from their parents, but I developed mine on my own.

On the scale, I’m a moderate Democrat.

I agree with Republicans on foreign issues, but on other issues I agree with Democrats.

Issues on Social Security and food stamps are important because people who are actually on it actually need it. It’s important that we don’t cut that out. Also I don’t think that we should aid foreign countries because they don’t help us in return most of the time.

I think people should actually get out there and vote.

It’s really important for people to do that because it determines the future and what America is going to be.”