Striking out in to the big leagues

Varsity baseball takes on O’Fallon at Busch Stadium, Sunday, April 17


Madison Eble

Lucas Kunkel pitched the Wildcats to victory during the game against Northwest, April 14. The Wildcats won, 4-1.

The Varsity Baseball Team will be playing at Busch Stadium right after the St. Louis Cardinals play against the Cincinnati Reds, Sunday, April 17.

The entire team bought tickets to go watch the Cardinals play on Sunday. Anyone who wants to go see the Wildcats take on the Panthers at Busch Stadium can attend for free at the Cardinals game.

“I think it’s a great experience for boys to actually get to play down on a major league baseball field,” Mr. James Daffron, head baseball coach, said, “For most of them it will be the only time they will ever get to touch a field like that. So it’s pretty special.”

Varsity players are guaranteed two and-a-half hours of field time against O’Fallon Township High School.

The first seven innings will be allotted to the varsity players. The remaining two innings the two freshman and two JV players that sold the most tickets will get to play alongside the Varsity team.

“It’s one of the coolest experiences that I’ve had my entire career as a baseball player. Just last year it was weird being on the actual field and looking up at everything in the stands around you”, Hayden Zadrozinski, varsity outfield, said, “The coolest part was being up at bat and seeing yourself on the big screen because they have the camera on you.”

Having the opportunity to play on the same field as a major league baseball team is something special for high school baseball players.

“It’s really just a great and pretty neat thing”, Dr. Jason Green, athletics director, said. “It’s just a cool experience for me to see our kids have the opportunity to play at such a great venue with such a history of baseball.”

For the past four to five years, in return for selling tickets to the Cardinals game, the boys get the opportunity to play at Busch Stadium.

“Just being on the Cardinals’ field gives you momentum towards the end of the season to do the best you can and give it all you got”, Sean Markley, varsity pitcher, said. “We always have a good chance of winning if we play like we’re suppose to.”

The Cardinals game starts at 1:15 p.m. so the EHS game will start around 4:00 p.m.