Fresh Faces: Anna Hahn (11)

Fresh faces are all around. The Hub will be interviewing the people that wander the halls every day, so we can put a personality to the stranger


Fresh face, Anna Hahn (11) showing off her fashion, April 21.

“I’m really into fashion.

I love clothes and shopping, it’s so fun.

I’ve always liked clothes, but I think I started really getting into it a few years ago, around eighth grade.

I finally got enough money to go shopping on my own, so I was like “I’m going to do this.”

I don’t really have any style icons, but if I see something that I like I’ll find a way to wear it.

I get ideas from Pintrest, and even people from our school.

Some people wear really cute things, and I’ll ask them where they get them from and then I’ll check out that store.

I think that it’s good to be different and wear unique things.”