Fresh faces: Caleb Warren (9)

Caleb Warren (9) draws in his sketch book, May 11.

“I’m passionate about art.

Not just drawings and paintings, but I’m passionate about music and all different ways people express themselves.

I try to step in their shoes and understand what they’re trying to say or find a meaning that specifically means something to me.

When I can find the time I like to make art myself.

I usually draw people, facial expressions, emotions. Something that will take more than one thought to explain.

To me there’s always a deeper meaning in my artwork.

I like to see how other people find their own meanings in it, and then it has more than one meaning.

I hate art classes because they grade off of effort, but sometimes the amount of effort you put in is for a reason.

If you do a rough drawing that means something to you, it might not mean anything to them and they’ll grade it badly.

Art isn’t subjective.

It’s a conversation of meaning.”