Tyler Price

Voters flocked to polls to vote, Nov. 8.


Know: Missouri voters went to the polls to vote on issues and political offices, Nov. 8.

Inform: Missouri voters chose Roy Blunt (R) over Jason Kander (D) 49 percent to 46 percent for US Senate. For Missouri governor, Eric Greitens (R) defeated Chris Koster (D) 55 percent to 41 percent. Both Proposition A and Amendment 3 proposed raises in cigarette taxes, with Prop A seeking a 23 cent rise and Amendment 3 seeking a 60 cent rise. Missouri voters chose “No” on both of these measures. Missouri voters will now also have to present their ID to vote according to Amendment 6, which passed with an overwhelming 63 percent of votes for “Yes”. Donald Trump also won Missouri with 58 percent of votes, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 36 percent.

Care: After a tense election cycle, Missouri voters chose who they truly wanted to represent them. With the new representatives, propositions and amendments being approved and denied, Missouri citizens must remember to always vote for who and what they are passionate about in order to make their voices heard.


Know: Republicans won the majority of federal offices, with Republican nominee Donald Trump becoming the president-elect, and Republican majority control over both the Senate and House of Representatives .

Inform: Donald Trump defeated opponent Hillary Clinton (D) in the general election with more than 270 electoral college votes around 2:30 a.m., Nov. 9. Republicans won the House with 238 representatives, and the Republicans held the Senate with 51 seats.

Care: Although this election proved to be very divisive among American citizens, they chose a winner. It is important to remember that US democracy works by allowing Americans to vote on who they truly want in office to represent them..Of course, not all Americans will be pleased with the outcome of every election, but it is important to be respectful and gracious, regardless of whether or not a particular candidate won or lost.


Know: Stock markets across the world took a hit preceding and following Donald Trump’s victory in the United States presidential election, Nov. 8 and 9.

Inform: Stock markets in both the US and across the world crashed when Donald Trump took the lead in the presidential election. The Dow futures plummeted more than 800 points anticipating a Trump presidency. Japan’s Nikkei began to trend around 5% downwards as well. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the Mexican peso, which dropped 12%, the largest drop since 1995.

Care: Before he was even named president-elect, Donald Trump caused an upset among markets across the world. Since the massive drop, the Dow Jones rose about 250 points , but this still doesn’t make up for the massive drop. Looking forward to future elections, it may be wise to pay some attention to both national and international stocks to predict how our world may look after a new president is elected.