Going for gold

Teachers recognize students who exceed expectations at the 20th annual Gold Standard Awards


Becca Newton

Jamie Broadbooks (12) stands center stage with Molly Smith, Guidance Department chair, after receiving her Gold Standard Award, April 20.

Each year, every EHS staff member has the opportunity to select a student of their choice for the Renaissance-sponsored award. Students who are chosen attend a ceremony and are honored with medals. These honorees typically excel in academics and/or demonstrate characteristics teachers value.

Ahlers, Andi Atienza, CarloAndi is the perfect example of what a student athlete is all about. The dedication and commitment she puts into her academic and athletic career is above all. Her leadership in the volleyball progam has helped me tremendously in my first 2 years of being head coach. The volleyball program would not be the same without Andi's dedication and commitment, and the progam will forever be grateful for it. I will miss her leadership on and off court next year as she moves on to the next chapter of her life at the Air Force Academy. #PerfectRoleModel
Allred, KateNanak, RachelKate is an outstanding student! In the classroom, she always strives to know more and is extremely dedicated to ensuring that she masters the content. As her history teacher this year and last year, I have been able to see Kate's academic growth, especially in writing. Kate is also a dedicated athlete at EHS, and as a result has developed great time management skills! I could not be more impressed by Kate and the work she does both inside the classroom and in athletics.
Arata, NathanArata, JohnIt's not easy or usually very much fun being a teacher's kid, especially if the class is a personal strength and a future career for you. Nathan has handled being a teacher's kid graciously. I've often tried not to give him recognition that he wouldn't get otherwise, and I may have erred on the side of caution too much; however, it has been a great privilege to enjoy Nathan's high school and some of his middle school years as his teacher and his dad. When he got superior ratings and All-Suburban honors, it was a huge "that's my boy" moment every time. I love you. I'm proud of you. I wish you much success and happiness in his chosen career, and I hope I always get to be a part of helping you achieve.
Archambault, GraceGianino, RalphThe manner in which Grace represents herself serves as Eureka's example for character, integrity, and courage. As a student, Grace is a humble leader who is known for listening to and encouraging her peers. As an athlete, Grace is a fierce competitor who inspires others and cherishes her role as a teammate. I will always admire how Grace loves and respects her community, friends, and family.
Baker, ElleEwald, EmilyI am nominating Elle Baker for Gold Standard after our trip to Spain. I have never had the priviledge of having her in my classroom, but after watching her immerse herself in the culture in Spain, there is no doubt in my mind that she is deserving of this award. She stood out to me from all 29 students as one who really was taking full advantage of every experience. Whenever there was a new experience, Elle was the first to step up to try things, from cleaning a squid in our cooking class, to being the first to go dance with kids in the Plaza outside the Reina Sofia. She was constantly trying to speak Spanish to everyone, including her peers, which shows her dedication to learning the language. She set a good example for her friends and was a wonderful representative of the United States of America. Although all the students shined in their own way, Elle, from day one stood out as one who was going to take full advantage of every second we spent in Spain. She and her parents should be proud of her. Sending her to Spain was a wonderful investment in her as a Spanish language learner. She said she intends to be an elementary school teacher when she grows up, and I hope that she continues her language studies and uses it to reach students that may not be reached by someone who doesn't otherwise understand their language and/or culture. ¡Buena suerte Elle!
Branson, LilyDietrich, DougI don't think I have ever seen a student who tries so hard in my class. Lily always ask questions, seeks extra help if needed, and works extremely hard to get every assignment completed. I constantly hear people say that having a high level of grit/persistence is a key factor in getting what you want out of life. Lily certainly possesses an abundance of grit/persistence. No matter what is going on in class, Lily stays laser focused on completing the task at hand. It has been a pleasure to have a great student like Lily Branson in my Personal Finance class.
Brewer, MadisenLamason, ChaddMadisen Brewer is a great student with a positive attitude. She has a great sense of humor and always makes me smile. Madisen is a joy to have in class, and I feel honored to have been her teacher. Keep up the good work and keep reaching for the stars. Thanks for making me laugh every day.
Broadbooks, JamieSmith, MollyJamie is the highlight of my day. My job description varies from one hour to the next, but I can ALWAYS count on seeing Jamie at lunch or when she returns from work around 3rd hour. She never fails to remind me that the University of Kansas Jayhawks are "superior" to Mizzou in every way, shape, and form. Jamie even has a posse of friends who will tell me every time they see me that Mizzou is inferior to UK. Jamie wears UK clothing on a regular basis and makes sure to stop by my office so I can see her outfit. Jamie provides me with laughter several times a day and I cannot imagine Eureka High without her smiling face next year. Best of luck in the future and please make sure to keep rooting for Mizzou er, um, I mean the Jayhawks! Love ya, Jamie! Keep laughing!
Buckley, SamanthaHoffmeyer, TabathaI chose Samantha because she has shown tremendous growth in the years that I have known her. She has become a thoughtful, responsible young woman who is ready to go out into the world and make it a better, happier place. She always has a smile on her face. The enthusiastic way that she greets me whenever I walk in the room always makes a bad day better. I am so proud of everything that she has achieved and can't wait to hear about her future successes!
Carey, AllisonHunt, MichaelAllison is a joy to have in class. She is a hard-working student who takes an interest in her work. She participates regularly and shares her own personal insight (and sometimes her cookies from her own cookie business). Allison sets a great example for all students to follow.
Chiriboga, EmiliaDavis, KristinaEmilia has been a great student to have in the two levels of Ceramics! Not only is she a talented artist, but she brings so much positivity into the classroom. She always smiles and is very polite! When asking for volunteers she is the first one to help out. Often, she is quiet but working hard on her ceramic projects. Emilia is an awesome student who deserves some recognition for all that she does!
Copeland, RachaelLucas, DianeIt is with great honor that I chose Rachel for my Gold Standard student. Rachel always has a smile on her face, and her laughter can brighten anyone's day. It has been a pleasure to be her teacher and watch her prepare for her future endeavors. No matter what path Rachel follows (or in her case, leads), I am confident she will succeed. Rachel, I wish you all the happiness you can imagine and please keep smiling. It is contagious! You are the best!
DeCanti, EmmaMedrala, LauraEmma is a kind, compassionate person. She cares about her family, friends, teachers, and everyone around her. Emma has the ability to see the good in everyone and every situation. One of my favorite things about Emma is her ability to face and overcome challenges. Instead of looking at any challenge as something to fear; she faces them head on and focuses on the positive outcome and what she can learn from every situation. Emma is not one to dwell on negativity. This young lady has been a light in my life every day. She is always asking me how I'm doing, how things are going in my life, and what she can do to help. Sadly Emma will be moving to Arizona after this school year, and EHS will definitely miss her! She deserves to know how special she is to me and the Eureka community before she faces some new adventures!
DeWitt, MorganThoman, DanMorgan is my Gold Standard because she is extremely positive. I enjoy seeing her at school since she is so friendly and upbeat. Morgan takes a well-rounded schedule of courses and does well in her studies. She makes coming to work at EHS great because of her attitude and smile. Thank you, Morgan, for your outstanding personality!
Dietrich, BekahBoyle, CourtneyI have seen Bekah mature and grow from a giggling freshmen to a mature young woman. Bekah has been involved in many activities at EHS through the years including water polo and cadet teaching. Bekah is always friendly, polite, and smiling at EHS. She will make a fabulous teacher in the future, and I am excited to see where her future takes her.
Eble, MadisonLofgreen, ColleenHard work is no stranger to Madison. Even though math doesn't always come easily for her, I've seen her practice and practice, often more than is assigned, until she has mastered a concept. She stayed after at school, organized study groups, and utilized outside resources to ensure success. She truly gave it her all! Some students shut down when the expectations challenge them, but not Madison. I'm confident that her self-discipline and perseverance will bring her great opportunities and success in the future.
Emms, AshleyGrimshaw, DebbieI first met Ashley 15 years ago when she moved into our subdivision. She has always been one of the sweetest kids. It has been a joy to be her counselor for the past 4 years and watch her grow into such an amazing young adult! Although I wish she was going to be a Razorback, I know she will have great success the next 4 years in college and beyond!
Fornwalt, BrynneMueller, LindseyBrynne is my Gold Standard Student because of her wonderful work ethic and positive attitude. I have had the priviledge of teaching Brynne at the beginning of her high school career, and at the end. Over the last four years I have watched Brynne develop from a quiet, shy freshman into a confident senior who is not afraid to speak up in class. She often helps her fellow classmates on topics they struggle with. Brynne never complains about classwork and frequently comes in for review. I am proud of the young woman Brynne has become and know she will excel in any task she tries.
Frauenhoffer, GraceBaumstark, GaryI’ve had the pleasure of having Grace as a student in AP Language and Science Fiction as well as a student aid. She has great taste in books as well as music. Grace is socially aware and is always willing to appreciate differences in others. Her organizational skills are unmatched. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her as a writer and a thinker as well as a person.
Giesing, RyanEsfahani, JessicaRyan is an overall wonderful student and a strong leader in the EHS community. I have had the privilege of observing Ryan work one-on-one with students as a teacher assistant. He has a natural leadership that students respect and is able to teach his peers with professionalism. He has a tremendous amount of school pride and is not afraid to look silly for it. This is a student who will thrive as an educator.
Goetzke, MadiSchoellhorn, LaurenThere really aren't enough words for me to explain why Madi Goetzke is deserving of this award. To put it simply, everything about her shines, even in the darkest of moments. She shines as a leader, as a speaker, as a musician, as a student, and most importantly, as a person. She is a dynamic force to be reckoned with and yet everything she undertakes she does so with a smile and with limitless grace. Madi, thank you for being one of the students for whom I get up every day to come to school. Thank you for being one of the standards to which I will hold my daughter as she grows in the years to come. I could not be more proud of the woman you have become and the person I know that you are going to be. "Although she be but little, she is fierce." Love you, kiddo!
Grahlherr, AnnaHaynes, GailBefore school started, Anna created a lovely display about constellations in the science hallway. Though “astrology” makes most scientist cringe, her interest in science and craftiness caught my attention. As a student in physics and my aide this semester, I have been given a chance to get to know what a wonderful person she is. And, I love the way she decorated my door!
Grill, SavanahDeason, AlyseSavanah has made so much progress throughout this school year not only in academics but as a person. She always has her work completed and makes sure to ask questions if she needs help. Savanah is always willing to help out her peers. Without prompting, she will help anyone around her. She also takes it upon herself to help collect or pass out papers during class, which is very helpful and appreciated. Savanah is a model student, and her drive and positive attitude is infectious within the classroom.
Grosz, BraydenBoyle, JenI have witnessed the growth in Brayden over the last year. He has, and currently is, perservering through a tough time. He is working hard to ensure that his grades don't suffer because he has a drive to want to do well.
Hampton, GracieHaywood, RachelGracie Hampton has a smile that could brighten the darkest of moods and bring joy to all those around her. She has a kindness and passion for inclusion that I wish for my own children and the biggest heart imaginable. Gracie has been my student, teacher aide, and now I am proud to call her my friend. I have watched her grow and mature into one of the most beautiful young ladies both inside and out. I will miss our morning venting sessions and learning all about her Vegan lifestyle of broccoli, brussel sprouts and strange teas. I look forward to hearing all about her success and adventures from Ole' Miss and know she will do awesome things to create positive change in this world. Love ya Lady!
Hanlon, SineadVail, StephanieI've had the pleasure of working with Sinead in her math classes over the last two years, and her perseverance in a topic that does not come easy to her is admirable. She pays attention in class, asks questions, and comes in for extra help. She stayed after school countless times in the math AcLab to get help on assignments and prepare for class. She also has a great attitude and is a joy to be around. I am certain her determination will lead her to great successes after high school.
Hardin, SarahBaremore, KeithSarah is one of those students who just makes being a teacher fun. I really enjoyed having her in human anatomy (even though it took her 2 months to make up a test) and as a student aide. I know you will do great things in college and thanks for spending some of your high school days in my class. I appreciated it!!
Harris, JacobBoedges, JonEvery year when nominations for Gold Standard come around, it is extremely hard to choose between students. This year a very special student stood out. I nominated Jacob Harris due to his charismatic, well-mannered, and overall genuine attitude as a person. Jacob is the first one to say “Hi” everyday either in the hallways or entering the classroom. I admire his willingness to improve both in the classroom and out of the classroom, while seeking the assistance of others to better himself for the future. I am proud of him, and that is why I chose Jacob as this year's 2016/2017 Gold Standard Recipient.
Hicks, HaileyLangenbacher, JonHailey Hicks has a great future ahead of her. She is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable young woman. She shows tenacity in the classroom and represents this school as it should be represented. She is always positive and upbeat, with sensible reactions in all circumstances I have seen her in. It has been a pleasure to see Hailey set out to achieve goals and accomplish them due to her hard work and determination. Eureka High School is lucky to have Hailey in its presence, and I look forward to what she is able to accomplish in her future.
Holdegraver, VenieDeavers, JohnStudent Council, Lacrosse, E-Squared, Track & Field and E!Crew are just a few of the many activities Venie has dedicated herself to here at EHS. Her work ethic is amazing, and her determination to succeed is beyond commendable.
Holtman, AdiaMosley, MarkI chose Adia as my Gold Standard because she is the epitome of what is expected of EHS students--she's diligent in her work ethic, she is involved in class discussions, she has a genuine desire to learn, she has high standards for herself, and she has great character. Adia is a joy to have in class for many reasons. For me personally, it's great having her because I always know that at least one of my students is listening and pretending to be interested in what I've planned for the day 🙂 She's shown me these attributes all year long, and she's only a freshman--I cannot wait to see what you do during your high school career and beyond, Adia! Keep it up--Carpe Diem!
Howard, ConorPitcher, TomIt has been rewarding to watch and be involved with Conor progessing into the fine young man he is today. In the three years since I was introduced to Conor, he has made great strides in maturing academically and socially/emotionally. His ability to overcome obstacles inside and outside of the classroom has been inspiring.
Irwin, AlexxMcDonald, MichaelAlexx is a great student to have in class. She'll admit to not being the best Algebra 2 student, but she tries more than most students ever will. Alexx figured this out first semester and has made changes to be a better math student. I couldn't ask for more out of her!
Jamski, JohnBerry, Mary and Martin, KristineOur nomination for the Gold Standard Award is John Jamski. John has worked in Production throughout the 2016-2017 school year through the CCE program. He has shown himself to be a responsible, efficient and hard working young man. John is a great team member because he is caring, respectful and takes the initiative to get things done, even at a moment's notice. We have enjoyed working with John and getting to know him. John, remember to stay positive. There is always a rainbow...God's promise is that He is always with us.
May God continue to bless you.
Johnson, WyattHappel, KarenI nominate Wyatt Johnson for Gold Standard Award. Wyatt is an extremely hard worker. He always has a good attitude and is very easy to work with. I only met Wyatt this semester, and I have him twice a day, everyday. Wyatt always remains positive and never gives up. He is always on task and is willing to help others when they need it. He is a great student to have in class.
Jones, DestinieWunderlich, JohnIt is my absolute privilege to nominate Destinie Jones for the Gold Standard Award! Destinie is an absolutely outstanding student who represents exactly what we are looking for here at EHS. She exemplifies leadership skills, demonstrates outstanding character, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Her smile and outgoing personality radiate throughout the building, helping to make EHS a much brighter place. She has been a true joy to work with over the past three years, leaving me with no doubt that she will have the exact same impact next year at Maryville University. Destinie, thank you for being yourself and helping to make my job better each and every day!
Jones, CoreyStrauser, JenniferFor four years, Corey has been making sure I see him. He is one of the most loving and charming students I have known in my career. Corey cannot be more proud to be a part of Eureka High School, and we have definitely benefited from his presence in our school. I am proud of the leadership he has shown in the arena of social justice.
Keesey, BrandonKnudtson, JeremyBrandon has been greatly involved in all aspects of the band program in his four years at EHS. He has been a dedicated learner and section leader in marching, a creative soloist and solid trumpet player in the Jazz Band, and a very improved trumpet player, moving into our symphonic band this year at EHS. Besides these musical accomplishments, Brandon has also been a great helper at every band event, including fundraisers, concerts, and other events. Brandon's leadership, service, and musicianship will certainly be missed next year by all three band directors.
Kern, ReubenMcIlwee, BillReuben is an invaluable student. He tutors younger students routinely and without expectation of reward. As a teacher’s aide, Mr. Kern regularly stops whatever he is doing to help one of the sophomores. As a student, Reuben often sets the bar to which others aspire; he knows and understands the concepts and applications of the lecture and laboratory of Semi-micro Qualitative Analysis / Introduction to Organic Chemistry. Mr. Kern is also one of the most active members of Eureka’s National Honor Society, especially with our Stream Team. Reuben, you greatly impress me, and I truly appreciate all that you do for the science classes and NHS.
Kitrel, AddiLackey, KimI love having Addi in class! She is bright and curious and very funny. I can always count on Addi to go beyond the basic requirements and to really think about what she is learning. She naturally applies things from class to her own life and participates fully in all of the crazy things we make our Spanish 4 students do! Addi is an excellent example for others about how to be a dedicated student without completely stressing out over grades and tests. She has overcome obstacles this year with grace and positivity. I will miss having her in class next year!
Landgraf, SarahWilke, AngieSarah is such a kind, thoughtful, mature, and polite person. Even though I do not have her in class this year, she comes to visit, and it always brightens my day. Sarah has an incredible work ethic. I know that she will do well in anything she does because she is so easy to get along with and gives 100% all the time. Sarah is the type of person that I hope my own daughter would be like someday.
Laubacker, KateHertlein, LanceKate is a terrific young lady! She works tirelessly on her academics and on being a nice person. Kate is always willing to help students and staff with anything (even getting Mr. Z coffee!) She is a very gracious person who does the right thing and expects nothing back for doing so. I have had the pleasure of knowing this outstanding individual for the last two years, and I know she has a very bright future!
Lassiter, CortneyBradford, LauraCortney has been working with me in the Welcome Center this year thru CCE. She is always a bright spot in my day! She comes in everyday smiling asking, "What can I do for you today, Mrs. Bradford?" She is a very responsible young lady who when faced with a challenge responds kindly and thoughtfully. I know she will meet her future with a willingness to perform to the best of her ability, and I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her. It has been my pleasure to be part of Cortney's senior year at Eureka High School.
Leuthauser, BradyAbbott, CherylBrady was chosen as a Gold Standard recipient because of his positive attitude and outgoing personality. Brady’s friendliness and optimism are contagious, making those around him feel more cheerful. I can honestly say that Brady has made the high school a happier place to those around him for these last 4 years. These characteristics along with his academic skill will make him a success in all he attempts.
Like, Cam'RonGrimshaw, TrevorCam'Ron has always been a pleasure to have in class and to coach at Eureka High School. He has a great personality and is very well-liked by all of his peers. He is respectful and always greets you with a smile. I will miss having him in our school next year, but I know he will be a tremendous addition to Wichita State University. I wish him nothing but the best in his future.
Lofgreen, MeganHirsch, CindyI knew very early on that I would pick Megan for my Gold Standard this year. My only regret is that I did not meet her freshman year and only got to know her this past year as our office helper. Megan is an amazing, caring and intelligent young woman and amazes me with her maturity. I have loved getting to know her and look forward to 4th hour everyday. I can't wait to see what the future brings for this amazing young woman. Good luck in college, Meg, and please keep in touch!!
Loredo, BrandonRenner, CassieBrandon is my "Go-To Guy" for anything! He's been a big help to the band program and has developed a great deal as a musician. I feel comfortable asking him to work with the younger students and know that he'll be supportive of them while getting the job done. Brandon is a breath of fresh air, always so cheerful and fun to be around. He's a team player and always has the best interests of the band in mind, not just himself. He frequently volunteers his time when we need someone to work a music festival or help out another student. He's a great example of someone who loves music, works hard and has a big heart! Brandon represents EHS well in all he does, and I'm very proud of him.
Mannecke, ChristianThuston, LukeChristian is a hard-working young man who carries himself extremely well. He is a "Yes sir" "No sir " kid who never complains and always gives his best effort in anything he tries.
Marshall, KatyKotraba, MandyMiss Marshall, you are beyond the word amazing, but I’ll try. You are smart, talented, and kind! You are thoughtful and fierce! You are self-assured and sincere! You are completely authentic, and I hope that my own sons have the same courage to be themselves. I’m going to miss talking to you next year and hearing people forever (although politely) tell you about the paint in your hair. I cannot wait to see what your future holds, and know one thing for sure: You are going to make a huge impact on this world!
McNair, PhilipDeMattei, BradI met Philip McNair this past Summer when he came to cross country conditioning. At first he was unsure about a sport where he was asked to run miles upon miles on a daily basis, but eventually he warmed up to the idea and joined the team once school started. Phil fit in nicely with the team and instantly the coaching staff knew Phil had a big heart and cared about his teammates just by the way he acted. My favorite thing about Philip McNair is that he always says "Hello, Coach" with a smile when he sees me in the hallways. He is enjoyable to be around, and I look forward to coaching him over the next three years.
Nelson, John (J. D)Vogel, Donna and Stelle, PriscillaWe have had the opportunity to meet and to know JD as we see him most mornings. He is always upbeat and smiling. He interacts well with other students and our special needs student, look forward to seeing JD each day. JD problem solves for himself and for others. He is insightful and makes wise choices even if it isn’t the “popular choice”. He has a great sense of humor and is often the “highlight” of the day! He shows great concern and empathy for others. The Gold Standard is the level of excellence that JD performs everyday. We are proud to nominate JD Nelson.
Oliver, AnnaRibbing, AndrewPeople gravitate to Anna. They watch to see how she responds to a situation, and will follow her lead. She has great influence over people and can change the tone of the room with her input. Anna, these abilities are powerful, and you can use them to literally change the world. I see you becoming a great motivator. You have a unique ability to relate to a wide variety of people. I see your confidence increasing with every passing year. Your story is just beginning. This will be a story of triumph and great impact. You will be known for your outstanding achievements. It has been a privilege to have had you as a student, and I look forward to hearing about your great success!
O'Neal, ShannonRaymond, KristyOver the past 4 years, I have seen Shannon grow into such a determined and thoughtful student. Soft spoken at first, but as you get to know her, you can tell she has so much to offer. Over and over again, I hear from teachers what a conscientious student Shannon is in the classroom. And despite obstacles, Shannon keeps going. I am so proud of you, Shannon, and I know that you will be successful in whatever you do in the future!
Orso, MikeSumner, JacobMike is a great young man who was faced with some difficult adversity this year. Although he was unable to play the last part of his senior football, season he still managed to be a great team player and to mentor everyone around, supporting the team every step of the way. Mike's leadership and positive attitude he displayed this year will serve him well as he moves on into the next chapter of his life. I am proud to have been able to coach him. Best of luck, Mike.
Ortinau, Maddie RoseKinnison, JohnMaddie Rose performs with the top two vocal groups here at EHS: Treble Chamber Choir and Voices of Gold. She combines both emotional and technical elements to her artistry. She encompases what a choral musician should strive to become. Her dedication, drive, and determination are what set her apart from other students.
Osborne, NickStellhorn, RobynNick, you are an awesome young man. You are kind, intelligent, helpful, insightful, and joyful. Your intrinsic desire to learn and share that knowledge sets you apart from your classmates. I enjoyed teaching you in Photo I and II, but I have loved watching you work with students, earning your A+ hours! I love the way you jump right in on whatever we're doing that day. You are a change-maker, and I've been very blessed to work with you.
Osias, LaurenCrouther, CharlesI have chosen Lauren "Jocko" Osias because she was my "youaremywhy" and still is! Why? Because of her always pleasant and positive personality, her upbeat life tempo, her spirited approach to her education at EHS, and her electric smile! For me that smile brightens every passing period. I look forward to her "JYB" stories and antics plus the lighthearted conversation of that whole group when ever they stop to talk. Her early June plans are to go on a mission trip with #36 to Panama introducing a new dimension of her personality. One of care, concern, and compasion for others less fortunate. Don't stop being who you are because you are a shining star at EHS. When you go off to the college or university of your choice, your personality and love of life will positively impact those that you come into contact with. As you enter the field of medicine, I predict that you will be respected and appreciated by others in your field as well as those that you care for. Don't change because the world needs more people just like you!
Overby, KalebDeNure, JaniceKaleb is a strong student in French, but that’s not why I chose him today. First, he is one of the most empathetic students I have had in several years and I appreciate when students watch out for others and not just themselves. Second, he is someone who has a strong moral compass and doesn’t compromise his values to follow others. It is a quality that I admire most in students, and he has impressed me in the last four years. Just this week he shared some of the rules of the Air Force, and some students asked what would happen if he broke one. I smiled as he told them the consequence, but ended with “But why would I?” Exactly. Bonne chance et mes meilleurs voeux pour un avenir plein de choses formidables!!
Ozmat, HaleyBell, AudreyPart of my job, one I enjoy, is the supervision of make-up finals for students who are unable to take their exams, during the regularly scheduled exam times. I met Haley early in her high school career due to such a circumstance. As I proctored the exams it was clear to me Haley is a diligent student who takes her time, is thoughtful and considerate and careful in her approach and to her work. I have watched Haley from afar over her high school career, I have come to see that Haley brings the same careful consideration to her friendships. Haley has a quiet manner and does not draw much attention to herself, but I have come to find out she has a great sense of humor and a bit of a sly wit. Haley, you should know, though you may not have realized, I have enjoyed watching as you navigated your high school days and that you have brightened many of my days.
Pardue, KaiSchulze, KatieKai is a terrific young man. I'm continually impressed by his hardwork and dedication to his studies. His positive outlook and happy disposition are two marks of his great personality. I look forward to seeing how Kai continues to grow and what he achieves in his future.
Parish, TaylorMenchella, MelissaTaylor Parish is someone I’ve had the privilege to work alongside through our EHS FCA organization. Taylor stands out the most among others because she has a big heart to serve and she encourages other students around and outside of the building. She is incredibly intentional in what she does and makes those around her feel valued and important. Taylor truly is an example of what it looks like to do nothing out of selfish ambition, but rather, to consider others above yourself out of pure humility. Thank you for all your commitment, love and care you have given to FCA this year!
Parker, CheyenneStevenson, BeckyCheyenne is a dynamic young woman with a contagious smile and a heart full of kindness. She is inquisitive, creative, and energetic, but perhaps her most outstanding attribute is her character. She looks out for others and always treats people with love and respect. Maya Angelou said, "People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." Cheyenne is a living example of this, and I am honored to select her for the Gold Standard.
Parnas, JackRuocco, JennImagine someone who doesn't say much, and when he does he is are so soft spoken it's hard to hear him let alone understand his words, yet his presence is so very powerful it draws you in and it's not just you he draws in. You look around at the people in this student's life and see that he must have made such an impactful impression on others too. His first grade teacher still shows up every year to bring cookies on this person's birthday. That's Jackie T! So quiet, yet so powerfully engaging. Jack has grown right in front of my eyes these past three years. I'm so amazed in what he has accomplished, and I am so very grateful that I am a part of it. This is the type of kid that stays with you your whole life. Someday Jack, I will find the KEY! You have taught me more than you will ever know. Nothing in any college book has ever prepared me for the lessons you have shown me everyday of being your teacher, and I am truly thankful you are in my life. You are GOLD STANDARD.
Perez, MariaWeitzel, JulieMaria is a student that takes advantage of every opportunity to grow and learn. I have loved watching her not only improve in her Spanish abilities, but also connecting with the topics we discuss in class in a personal way for her own growth and advancement. She's not afraid to put herself out there, and she works hard for her success. She inspires me to continually expect the most out of all my students, and I'm so proud of what she has achieved!
Phillips, LonneshaGlatt, Tori"Try to be a rainbow to someone else's cloud." ~ Maya Angelou. Lonnesha always brightens my day. Her beautiful smile and positive attitude never fail to make my day better. Lonnesha, you will do amazing things in this life, and I can't wait to see all you accomplish.
Powers, KatieMcIntyre, JuliaKatie is one of the most dedicated, hard-working people I know. For Katie, difficulties are not so much something to be endured, rather they are challenges to be obliterated. I'm so proud of this woman and all she has already accomplished!
Richardson, CameronStrickland, MatthewCameron is a great kid who works hard in class. He doesn't let distractions get to him and is very polite. Thanks Cameron for being a great student, working hard, and always doing your best!
Rieffer, DeclanHardee, KatieAs a transfer student this year, Declan is the only junior in my freshman Biology class. He is a role model as well as a friend to them. He interacts well with the freshman and brings them to his level, instead of dropping to their level. He is kind and good natured, he is attentive, a good student, and an active participator in activities and discussions. He is interested in the topic and often chimes in with questions or his own observations that tend to be a stretch (in the best way) for the freshmen. He genuinely makes me smile, and it has been such a pleasure to have him all year.
Rolofson, KelseyMueller, KaraDespite being literally knocked out of the season due to a concussion, Kelsey had a choice to either allow her situation to defeat her...and yet she persisted. She stepped up as a senior captain and remained committed and devoted to Golden Line, even when the headaches became unbearable. She continued to lead the team, even at nationals, despite her heartbreak of not being able to dance her senior year. I have tremendous respect for Kelsey, who has the heart and soul of a champion.
Russo, JarrodPerrin, ElissaI chose Jarrod Russo as my Gold Standard nominee because he is remarkable. Over the past four years, Jarrod has made me laugh, inspired me and been a model student. I can always rely on Jarrod to be the picture-perfect student. He was engaged, hardworking and always had great questions that made me think. More than anything I have always admired Jarrod’s character. I consider myself so lucky to know him and I will be anxious to see where his intellect and depth of character will take him in life.
Rust, IanMontgomery, JulieIan, I can not even begin to express how thankful I am to have had you in class these past two years. I have loved seeing what an incredible young man you have turned into, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I do know one thing, whatever you set your mind to and end up doing you will be amazing at it! Everyday you come into class with a smile on your face excited to see what we we are going to learn. Your signing skills are beyond amazing, and your excitement about the language is contagious! It is students like you that make my day better and make me love my job even more!! I will remember you always and have a smile on my face while doing so!
Safi, LaylaPowell, DebbieLayla gets it. She sees the whole picture. This girl makes mature decisions and understands the importance of having a strong set of values. She is well-rounded and comprehends the incredible benefits of taking a wide variety of classes. She shows an interest in others and makes it a priority to make EHS a better place by taking on leadership roles in a number of committees, sports, and student organizations. Layla is always up for a challenge and demonstrates perseverance without ever complaining. She simply shines; and with her affable personality, compassionate heart, and mellow vibe, Layla radiates positivity and adds a spark to every class. 🙂
Sampson, SeanZieg, RyanSean is a responsible, caring, hard working student with one of the best attitudes I have ever seen. He is a constant pleasure to have in class and provides a wonderful mix of maturity and humor to all situations.
Sandhu, MicahVohsen, AllisonMicah is always willing to lend a helping hand.
Even if it is a mundane task he cannot stand.
Whether it's to fix my technology when it won't cooperate,
or to share his opinions or a topic to debate.
One thing I admire is his great thirst for knowledge
And his many traits that will serve him well long after college.
His kindness and wisdom reflect that of an old soul,
and these are the reasons he is my Standard of Gold.
Sanfilippo, AnnaLeslie, HannahAlex is a student who comes to school every single day to learn. He is someone who really thinks about a concept and asks difficult application questions until he has mastered it. He takes advantage of before/after school review sessions and always participates in class. Alex has been a joy to have in the classroom, and I can tell he will be very successful in the future.
Schlegel, AnnaWisdom, MaryI am honored to choose Anna Schlegel as my Gold Standard Award recipient. Anna is one of the highest achieving students in my Algebra 1 class. Even when faced with a difficult problem, she refuses to give up. She works hard, does her job in class, and is eager to learn. She is conscientious and is always concerned about doing more than just getting her work done but strives to “understand” what she’s doing. I appreciate her patience and willingness to do her best all the time. I can always count on Anna to come into my classroom with a smile on her face and leave the same way. Anna is truly one of the best!
Schlittler, EmilyPinnell, JoI have chosen Emily as a Gold Standard for Eureka High School. Emily is a perfect example of a well-rounded student, academically and morally. She strives to be her best at everything! She sets the example in the way she speaks to others, her attitude, the way she conducts herself, and the way she gives back to others. Emily is always willing to help another student. She gives up her own time to reach out to her friends. She has also been very active at EHS her freshman year. And once again, she has represented Eureka well! On and off the court, Emily can be counted on to set the bar high for herself and her teammates. But more importantly, Emily brings her team with her and supports them. She is a great friend, classmate and teammate. I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments this year. Way to go, Emily!
Schulz, SarahBaremore, CarolynSarah, you are an amazing young lady, and I have LOVED getting to know you. You literally bring joy to wherever you go! Especially bringing joy to me! When you walk into a room, everyone's day is made better. Always keep your positive attitude, your loving spirit, your love of life, and your feistiness. You are the BEST! Always know you make a difference in my life.
Silvernail, AlexClar, BryanI have absolutely enjoyed the wit, intelligence and positive attitude that Alex has demonstrated in class on a daily basis. I also coached Alex in freshmen football and admired his athleticism and tenacity to compete. I further am impressed by Alex's perseverance and successes this year on Varsity Baseball and am proud to honor his excellence.
Stefanic, BriHowren, LauraBri Stefanic has been such an inspiration to me this year as she has revealed to herself and others what a bright and shining example of faith and resilience she has become recently. Bri's taken the time this year to reflect upon her head and her heart, and I believe that through this process, she has found and summoned a remarkable source of inner strength. She has clearly recognized the value of faith in oneself and has gone the extra mile by applying this new found recognition to her life in a very real, practical, and meaningful way. What an amazing feat for someone so young! She is also an awesome example to anyone wondering whether or not they are capable of taking charge of their personal fate! I’m so proud of you, Bri, and I know that so many good things are in store for your future!
Stewart, ChrisWarren, NaomiChris is a tremendous asset to EHS. He has grown into an amazing leader who inspires both his fellow students and adults. He is a kind friend, a focused mentor, and a talented athlete. I will never forget the moment he got the attention of a room full of Fellowship of Young Men (FYM) mentors and mentees. He simply said, quietly, "focus up, focus up" and everyone stopped to listen. It has been a joy to see him grow from the sophomore I met in our Equity Group to the confident young man he has become as a senior. Chris: you are truly wonderful, and I appreciate you!
Svoboda, AJArntzen, KellyI have worked with AJ for two years now, and he has shown tremendous growth and maturity! AJ can be a great leader, especially on the job sites where he works. He always completes his job and is always willing to lend a hand to his peers. He shows manners and respect, especially to adults. AJ is friendly, and I have truly enjoyed working with him:) I am as proud of him as I would be for my own son!!!
Taff, MollyHerbert, C.J.I choose Molly for two reasons. 1. I had Molly in class last year and I was impressed with her work effort. 2. I will be forever grateful for how Molly, and all of the senior women basketball players, treated my freshman daughter this year. It's not often that a senior will be as accepting of a freshman as Molly was. Molly could've made life very difficult for Annika but instead, did just the opposite. She always included her, drove her around, and became her friend. I hope that Annika recognizes what a good person Molly is and strives to pass that kindness on to her future younger teammates. Thank you Molly.
Tajkarimi, KaivonHighfill, JenniKaivon is an unbelievable young man with so many outstanding character traits. He is hard-working, funny, bright, kind, respectful, and mature. In addition, he is also incredibly humble. It has been my pleasure to be Kaivon’s teacher for the past two years and know that the success he's had at Eureka will soon pale in comparison to what he accomplishes in college and beyond. ¡Buena suerta con todo!
Thom, CarolineThebeau, MikeCaroline, you are an outstanding young women who is going to be used in so many ways throughout your life to help others. You have a tender heart and a faith that's strong. Thank you for your commitment to SWAT and our school community throughout your four years of school. Don't let others look down on you because you are young; rather, set an example in speech, conduct, faith, love and purity. Keep the One who has brought you thus far at the center of all you do, and you will go far.
Thornsberry, AubreyWilliams, JessicaI have had the privilege of working with Aubrey Thornsberry over the last four years, and I’m so pleased to nominate her for the Gold Standard award! Aubrey has grown in confidence over the years –she has such a good attitude, a smile on her face, a strong compassionate spirit, and she is able to take struggles in stride while learning from the experiences. I am looking forward to hearing about college and her future!
Vanek, BrockDuvernell, SarahBrock is a very sweet, caring enthusiastic young man who has a contagious smile that spreads to everyone that he meets. He is a very hard worker who can always be depended on to get the job done and do it with a positive attitude. Along with this, Brock is active in his school community and is known and loved by all. Brock has a very successful future ahead of him, and I know he will have a positive impact on everyone that he meets.
Wesley, MadisonHill, RachelMadison has been my student aid for the past two years and was my Spanish II student before that. Over the past three years, I have watched her make such a wonderful tranformation. Madison has become a leader among her peers and really cares about the well-being of other students at EHS. She is fun-loving but has also learned how to prioritize and manage her school work. Thank you, Madison, for always being so dependable and for always making me laugh! Sixth hour won't be the same without you!
Wilkinson, LaurenBrauch, KirstenWhen I was sorting through all of my students in my mind to decide who to give the Renaissance Gold Standard Award this year, one person kept popping into my mind: Lauren Wilkinson. Lauren is one of those rare kids who brightens every room she walks into. She always has a smile on her face, is genuinely concerned for the well-being of others, and has a positive attitude that is contagious to teachers and students alike. Lauren often asks for extra help on assignments and works hard in class daily even when those around her are off-task. Additionally, there have been so many times when Lauren has said out loud exactly what I was thinking internally; it’s like she reads my mind! As a teacher of hundreds of students a year, it is wonderful to find students that I truly connect with. Lauren is absolutely that student, and she deserves to be recognized and celebrated!
Willard, PrestonWillard, PatricePreston is loyal, trustworthy, compassionate, and passionate. His commitment to friends is unfailing. His honesty is something teachers have depended on throughout high school, and he has never let them down. The time he dedicates to the small children in his life are where his compassion and passion come through. In the future these traits will bring him success in all his adventures.
Wingerter, JustinMiller, ErinJustin Wingerter is the funniest kid alive. Over the past four years, he has made the art teachers laugh a lot, especially me 🙂 His sense of humor is dry and sophisticated with really thoughtful pronouns thrown in, lol. In high school, Justin has dealt with health issues that would make many people lose their sense of humor, but not Justin – he keeps smiling. He’s also one of the most creative, hard-working, kindest, most intuitive students I’ve ever had. You might recognize him by his California surfer hair, or his neon-hued attire - a nod to his unique, eclectic personality. In Sweatshop 2, I mean Sculpture 2..... I’ve gotten to get to know this kid really well – and I’m so proud of the person he’s become. He’s definitely going to go on and make EHS proud. Dogs! We’ll miss you Justin!
Wolters, NoahSpellmeyer, BobI’m proud to recognize Noah Wolters as a gold standard student at EHS. He is dedicated, respectful, patient and stays focused on the problem at hand. Noah is a hard-working individual who will be successful in whatever field he chooses. He is an outstanding young man with a bright future.
Young, EvangelineGilman, Ann MarieI choose Eve because she exudes a core strength not often found in freshman students. She has an inner light that illuminates a room and brings joy to others. Like everyone, she faces obstacles but does so with honesty, determination, and courage that I admire. She is artistic, an advocate for the marginalized among us and kind. Her laughter is infectious and I have enjoyed watching her grow this year. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Eve! <3