Testing time

AP exam updates and finals

This story was updated to include the NEW FINAL EXEMPTION PROCEDURE at 9:25 a.m., May 10.

The five days EHS missed because of flooding, May 1-5, threw the CollegeBoards’ Advance Placement testing schedule off. The CollegeBoard calendar is strict for these nationally-normed tests. CollegeBoard will only extend exams by six days (three late days and three exceptional days) and dictates what exams are offered at what times on what days.

Flood damage eliminated Gym A as a testing location. Numerous AP exams have been relocated to locations such as the library and the Annex.
Austin Kirby, A+/testing coordinator, communicated time and location changes to students as plans changed. The same information is also available for students below.


Week 28 a.m. Testing room 12 p.m.Testing room2 p.m.Testing room
Monday, May 8Biology

Music Theory
Library (47)

Library L5 (8)
Physics C: Mechanics
Library L5 (16)Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Library L5 (11)
Tuesday, May 9Calculus ABRSD Annex (63)French LanguageLibrary (2)
Wednesday, May 10English LanguageILC Gym (116)MacroeconomicsILC Gym (31)
Thursday, May 11Comparative Government and Politics

World History
ILC Gym (109)

EHS Library (38)
StatisticsILC Gym (46)
Friday, May 12Microeconomics

EHS Library (27)

Library (5)
European HistoryEHS Library (30)
Wednesday, May 17Government and Politics: United StatesILC Gym A (137)Environmental Science RSD Annex (26)
Thursday, May 18Spanish LanguageLibrary (30)
Friday, May 19PsychologyILC Gym A (207)
Wednesday, May 24English LitLibrary L5 (18)Physics 2Library L5 (4)
Thursday, May 25ChemistryLibrary (30)
Friday, May 26Art History Library L5 (10)Physics 1Library (44)


To clarify any possible confusion, a bus will be available only to drive students from EHS to the afternoon testing session or to bring the morning test-takers back to EHS.  Because of regular routes, no buses will be available before and after school.

Students who have an unsolvable transportation issue either in the morning or in the afternoon are instructed to call Kirby’s office 636.733.3102 immediately, and he will help with a solution.

Below is the upcoming bus schedule for students needing a ride:

  • Wednesday, May 10: Pick up from EHS and drop off at Annex at 11:55 a.m. / Pick up students from Annex and return to EHS approximately 12:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, May 11: Pick up from EHS and drop off at Annex at 11:25 / Pick up students from Annex and return to EHS approximately 11:30 a.m.
  • Wednesday, May 17: Pick up from EHS and drop off at Annex at 11:25 a.m. / Pick up students from Annex and return to EHS approximately 11:30 a.m.
  • Friday, May 19: Pick up from Annex at 11:25 a.m. – Arrive at EHS approximately 11:30 a.m.



Also, please note that for lunches during testing, the situation will be ever-changing depending on the time allowed for the exam and on the location of the test.  If at all possible, students are instructed to bring their lunches on days they are testing; however, students will be given the opportunity to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria during one of the lunch shifts.



There is also a change in regards to final exams the week of May 22. If students have a final exam the same time and day as their AP exam, they will not have to take the final and their grade in the class whose exam they are missing will stand.

However, if students are not satisfied with their grade and would like to take the final exam in order to try to increase it, they may take the make-up final exam.

The administration emphasizes that AP testing is the ultimate priority for students at the moment as Jennifer Strauser, associate principal, stated in an email to faculty, May 8:

“Students who miss a final because they are taking an AP exam have the option of either exempting the final–no matter what grade they have in that course–or taking it during the makeup dates on May 30, 31, or June 1.  Again, exemptions for a final can occur no matter the grade in the course that is being missed because of an AP exam.  It also doesn’t matter if the student is a senior or an underclassman.”

Morning exams will last until at least fourth hour if not beyond (times vary), and most afternoon exams last until 3 p.m.



The library will serve as an AP testing site and be closed to students:

  • Thursday morning, May 11
  • All day, Friday, May 12
  • Thursday morning, May 25



Below the final exam schedule, which is the same schedule as first semester’s finals. The only difference from second semester exams last year is that exams will begin with first hour final, Monday, May 22 and not the fifth hour exam.



  • Tuesday, May 16 will be a full day with 5th, 6th, and 7th hour finals
  • Wednesday, May 17 will be a full day with Zero, 5th, 6th, and 7th hour finals
  • Thursday, May 18 will be a half day for seniors with Zero, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour finals. Seniors will attend the mandatory graduation practice after 4th hour.
  • Friday, May 19 will be a half day for seniors with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour finals.




Students may exempt one final exam in a class that they are receiving a non-rounded A in for the semester. This online form is replacing the exemption card and must be completed and submitted by May 18.

Students will be asked to…

  1. Enter their first name
  2. Enter their last name
  3. Select their grade level
  4. Select which final exam they would like to exempt
  5. Select the teacher that corresponds with the exam they are exempting
  6. Select whether they verified with their teacher that they are eligible to exempt their final exam.

George Calhoun, tenth-grade principal, sent this information to parents via email around 6 p.m. May 9. Students should look for a similar email tonight, May 10, or they can use the link above.


Monday, May 22 will be a full day with the first hour final at the start of the day. Tuesday-Thursday are half days with 2 finals each day

  • 8:16-10:16 – 1st hour final
  • 10:22-10:57 – 2nd hour review
  • 11:03-12:21 – 4th hour

A Lunch 10:57-11:26 Warning bell at 11:22
B Lunch 11:26-11:56 Warning bell at 11:52
C Lunch 11:56-12:21

  • 12:27-1:02 – 3rd hour review
  • 1:08-1:43 – 5th hour review
  • 1:49-2:24 – 6th hour review
  • 2:30-3:05 – 7th hour review

Tuesday, May 23

  • 8:16-10:16 – 2nd hour final
  • 10:26-12:26 – 3rd hour final

Wednesday, May 24 (graduation)

  • 8:16-10:16 – 4th hour final
  • 10:26-12:26 – 5th hour final

Thursday, May 25

  • 8:16-10:16 – 6th hour final
  • 10:26-12:26 – 7th hour final

The end of the year is here. Be ready.